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Uber Driver Suspended After Kicking Lesbian Couple Out Of Car

A New York Uber and cab driver has found himself out of work after kicking a lesbian couple out of his car in the middle of a trip, reports CNBC.

Alex Iovine and Emma Pichl hailed an Uber in Brooklyn for a ride to Manhattan.

"We were sitting in the two window seats with the middle seat between us," Iovine told CNBC. "At one point we turned to each other and pecked on the lips."

That was when the driver, Ahmad El Boutari, stopped the car and asked the couple to get out. They thought he was joking, but realized he was serious when he got out of the car, opened the back door, and repeated his request. They got out, and then Iovine started recording on her cell phone.


Renowned British writer, a virulent anti-Semite, being considered for sainthood

G.K. Chesterton, a journalist, author and dramatist whose works remain popular in the UK more than 80 years after his death, is the subject of an initial investigation by the Catholic church which will be published next month.

Commissioned in 2013 by the Bishop of Northampton, Peter Doyle, the report is the first step in the process of canonization.


Chesterton repeatedly advanced the notion that British Jews were disloyal to their country.

At the end of World War I, he wrote to the Lord Chief Justice of England, Rufus Isaacs (then Viscount Reading), suggesting that he should not be involved in peace talks with Germany. “Is there any man who doubts that you will be sympathetic with the Jewish International,” Chesterton asked.

Three years later, Chesterton’s book, “The New Jerusalem,” advocated that Jews should be allowed to hold high office but should wear Oriental dress. “The point is that we should know where we are; and he would know where he is, which is in a foreign land,” he wrote.

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