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Jeremy Corbyn-allied Palestine Labour group calls for Jewish FINAL SOLUTION

A LABOUR group which lists Jeremy Corbyn as a supporter has caused outrage after saying the only way to solve the situation in Palestine is the ‘final solution’.

The use of the term 'final solution', which was once used by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s to reference the plan for mass extermination of the Jewish population through gas chambers, has been branded “grotesque” by one Labour MP.

Writing on its Facebook page on Monday the Labour Friends of Palestine and Middle East said: “The Labour Party’s Two-State solution will END the occupation in Palestine. Our solution will be the final solution.”

The post follows a wave of criticism towards the Labour Party over claims of anti-semitism.


UK Labour Party shamed by equalities watchdog after raging anti-semitism engulfs the party

Yesterday activists applauded panelists who likened supporters of Israel to Nazis and suggested they should debate whether the Holocaust happened. Tom Watson demanded the party expel them from the party for their 'disgusting' behaviour.

LABOUR must "do more" to show it isn't a racist party after it became embroiled in a new anti-semitism row last night, Britain's equalities watchdog has demanded.

The news comes as fresh research shows anti-semitism is EIGHT TIMES more prevalent in Labour than any other party.

One speaker at the party’s conference even suggested Labour should be free to debate whether the Holocaust even happened.

Equality and Human Rights Commission Chief Executive, Rebecca Hilsenrath, said: “Anti-Semitism is racism and the Labour Party needs to do more to establish that it is not a racist party.

“A zero tolerance approach to anti-Semitism should mean just that. When senior party figures are saying there is a problem then the leadership should take swift action. It is not acceptable to simply say they oppose these views.


Navy removes 2 corpsmen from Jacksonville hospital over 'mini Satans' post

Two corpsmen at Naval Hospital Jacksonville were removed from patient care Sunday after photos surfaced on social media of inappropriate behavior with a newborn baby.

The Snapchat post had a caption reading, "How I currently feel about these mini Satans." The post also said the "navy nurse" and her friend made a baby dance to rap music playing in the background.

The Navy confirmed to News4Jax that two women corpsmen were currently under investigation in the incident

The hospital’s commanding officer said he knew about the video and photos Monday night. He said the behavior was “outrageous, unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.” He also said that the staff members involved have been taken away from patient care and were being investigated criminally and within the military.


Allyson Thompson and Joanie Barrett have been identified as the 2 corpsmen.


Students given an assignment claiming 9/11 was caused for US supporting Israel.


Did an elementary school assign students to read an article that claimed 9/11 was caused in retaliation for America supporting Israel?


Yes, this is true.

A California school is coming under fire after a post was shared on social media about a teacher who taught assigned her kids to read an article that 9/11 was caused in retaliation for America’s support of Israel.

Chief Information Officer Jeff Bowman at Cupertino Union School District confirmed to WUSA9 News that this did indeed happen. Bowman explains the 5th grade teacher at Stocklmeir Elementary School, was trying to use a current events article on 9/11 to explain why the flags were being flown at half-staff.

He said student were asking her about the topic. The school uses a system called Newsela which takes current event articles and makes the content age appropriate for different reading levels.

A Newslea spokesperson has since responded about the incident with the following statement:

“We are dedicated to keeping bias and misinformation out of our content. As a result of this incident we are implementing new review procedures to ensure we have more checks in place for bias for controversial topics.

We apologize for this oversight and as a company our intention is to remain as objective as possible. We’re particularly grateful for educators who help us improve by speaking up and holding us accountable. Our goal is always to help children learn to read, become critical thinkers and help foster empathy across the board.”


Oversight, my ass.

Pro-Labour Facebook group compare satanic Israel to Nazi Germany and claim Theresa May is Jewish

A string of anti-Semitic slurs have been posted on a Labour Party discussion forum online, it emerged last night.

The Facebook users spread false conspiracy theories about Israel, compared Israel to Nazi Germany and even claimed Theresa May and her husband were Jewish.

The Prime Minister was accused of being ‘Israel’s puppet’ and one user said Israel was ‘keeping her in power’.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of failing to deal with anti-Semitism in the party since he became leader.

His close ally, Ken Livingstone, was suspended after claiming Hitler was a ‘Zionist’ and supported moving German Jews to Israel ‘before he went mad’, but he has not been expelled.


Evergreen professor at center of protests resigns; college will pay $500,000

The Evergreen State College professor at the center of campus protests this spring will receive $500,000 in a settlement that was announced Friday.

Bret Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, resigned from their faculty positions effective Friday. The couple filed a $3.85 million tort claim in July alleging the college failed to “protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence,” according to the claim.

Weinstein had criticized changes to the school’s annual Day of Absence after white students who chose to participate were asked to go off campus to talk about race issues. He called the event “an act of oppression,” according to emails obtained by The Olympian. Weinstein later appeared on Fox News and wrote an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal.

The incident led to protests and threats over allegations of racism and intolerance, pulling Evergreen into a national debate over free speech on college campuses. The campus was closed for three days in June and graduation was moved to Cheney Stadium in Tacoma.


Christian teen in Pakistan beat to death by classmates after drinking from same glass as Muslim boy

Sharoon Masih, the lone Christian student in his year, had only attended the school in South Punjab for three days. After complaining to his parents of bullying, he was set upon by pupils after drinking from the same glass as a Muslim, according to other students at the MC Model Boys Government School Burewala who witnessed the attack.

Although anti-Christian violence is common in the Muslim nation, the youthfulness of the mob in this case marks an ugly first for the country.

Mr Masih’s teacher, Nazir Mol, originally claimed that he had not noticed any disturbance in the classroom as he had been reading a newspaper at the time. Autopsy reports confirm that Mr Masih died as the result of repeated blows to his head and body.

Mr Masih was sent by his parents to MC Model Boys Government School after topping his class in the village school. His father, who worked at a brick kiln factory, had to save for years to afford even the nominal attendance fee. Unable to pay for the school uniform, Sharoon turned up on his first day in casual clothes. He told his mother that his teacher slapped him twice on the face, and forced him to stand outside all day in the sun. Mr Mol also called him “chuhra”, he said – a highly-offensive caste-based insult – and other boys tried to force him to convert to Islam.


Terror supporting cleric who called Holocaust a fairy tale denied entry to UK

The Holocaust denying former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who called for Britain to be destroyed has reportedly been denied entry to the UK for a proposed visit next week.

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri was planning to be in Britain from 11 to 15 September, as guest of pro-Palestine group EuroPal to discuss the “recent escalation” in Israel with MPs.

Sabri has a history of anti-Semitic and terrorist-supporting views, which led to his removal as Jerusalem’s Islamic leader by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2006.

He threatened that Jewish prayer at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount would “prompt massacres” and lead to “rivers of blood”. And during interview with Italian newspaper la Repubblica, Sabri flatly denied the Holocaust, stating: “Six million Jews dead? No way, they were much fewer. Let’s stop with this fairy tale exploited by Israel to capture international solidarity.”

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