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Intersectionality: Code Word for anti-Semitism (JEWISH GROUP)

The essence of anti-Semitism is the bigoted claim that if there is a problem, then Jews must be its cause.

Nowhere has adoption of this radical paradigm been more pronounced than on college campuses where, in the name of “identity politics” and “solidarity,” intersectionality has forced artificial coalitions between causes that have nothing to do with each other except a hatred for their fellow students who are “privileged” because they are white, heterosexual, male and especially Jewish.

Students at the University of Illinois recently took to social media to express their distress after flyers were plastered around campus calling for the “end of Jewish privilege.” The flyer stated in bold letters that: “ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege.” The posters had outlines of silhouettes with Stars of David printed out, and an arrow pointing to them with the accompanying caption “the 1%.” Although some of the posters identified Black Lives Matter as sponsors, it is not clear whether they were distributed by extreme right-wing groups using hard-left anti-Semitic tropes or by hard-left anti-Semites. In some respects, it does not really matter because many on the hard-right and hard-left share a disdain for Jews, their nation state and so called “Jewish privilege.”

This practice resembles the vile, anti-Semitic propaganda of the 1930s, when splashed across Der Spiegel was blaming Jews – and so called disproportionate Jewish wealth – for Germany’s losing WWI and the country’s subsequent economic downturn. Canards about Jews controlling world finances – first promulgated by the Tsarist forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – was anti-Semitic back then and it is anti-Semitic today, whether espoused by the extreme left or right.

he linking of unrelated “victimizations,” despite their tenuous connections, is reflective of a broader trend in hard-left politics, whereby increasingly, radical activists demand that the demonization of “Zionists”—often used as a euphemism for Jews – be included, indeed featured, in the package of causes that must to be embraced by anyone claiming the label of “progressive.” Lumping seemingly disparate groups under the “umbrella of oppression” leads to the forming of alliances between causes that at best, have nothing to do with each other, and at worst, are averse to one another’s stated mission. Their only common feature is that to join, they must demonize the nation state of the Jewish people.


Outrage over BLF leader Andile Mngxitama's holocaust tweets (Jewish Soap & Lampshades)

"For those claiming the legacy of the holocaust is ONLY negative think about the lampshades and Jewish soap."

A statement issued by Wendy Kahn‚ national director of the SAJBD‚ said on Thursday: “With this ugly‚ jeering remark‚ Mngxitama has portrayed not just the deliberate murder of Jewish people but even the supposed reduction of their remains to everyday objects as something to be treated as a joke.

“It is deeply distressing that anyone could so casually and publicly dehumanise an entire people in this way. How much more outrageous it is when emanating from a public figure who heads up a political voice.”

Mngxitama was not immediately available for comment on Thursday.

Kahn said the reference to how Jews became victims of one of history’s most appalling crimes displayed “outright contempt for basic humanitarian‚ non-racial values‚ together with a complete lack of compassion for human suffering.”

“Civilised society‚ and certainly South Africa with its stained history of human rights abuses‚ has no place for those who condone the merciless massacre of millions of innocent people in the most cruel way.”



Alt-Right, Nazi Social Media Dictionary. Terminology Used and Their Meanings.

I hope this will help others with the meanings behind Social media tags used by Nazi, Racist scumbags.


Angry White Men is a blog devoted to exposing White Nationalists, adherents of the Alt-Right movement, and other neo-reactionaries. For the uninitiated, there will be numerous confusing and bizarre terms used by these various factions which require some explanation. Here, readers can gain a better understanding of some of the terminology used by the people whom I write about.

Just a few. Many more at link below:

Echoes – The echoes meme consists of placing three or more sets of parentheses or brackets around Jewish names or words and phrases with Jewish connotations; for example, (((bankers))). The meme started on the popular alt-right podcast The Daily Shoah.
See also Reverse Echoes

Milk – The beverage of choice for the white supremacists who crashed Shia LaBeouf’s now shuttered art project. After Mic reported on the incident and referred to their gallons of whole milk as the new “symbol of white racial purity,” alt-right Twitter accounts began using the bottle of milk emoji in their user names.

Red Pill – A reference to the popular Matrix trilogy, in which the main character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is offered the choice of taking a red or blue pill. The red pill would allow Neo to see the world as it really is, while the blue pill would allow him to remain in blissful ignorance. Used by MRAs, MGTOW and alt-right adherents to describe their awakening to a world dominated by feminists and/or racial minorities.

Goy – Once just a Jewish term that meant a non-Jew, the word goy has been adopted (or even reclaimed, in a sense) by white nationalists and anti-Semites. People who identify as alt-right often jokingly refer to themselves and one another as “goy” or its plural, “goyim.”

Anudda Shoah – A phrase used to mock Jews who (supposedly) use every slight against them to express concern that another Shoah, or Holocaust, could be around the corner. The alt-right website The Right Stuff defines it as simply a “displeasing situation.”
See also Shoah

Ovens – A reference to Adolf Hitler’s crematoria, used to dispose of the bodies of dead and sickly concentration camp prisoners. More dark humor than actual death threat, alt-right trolls often post the phrase “Fire up the ovens!” in the social media feeds of Jews and liberals.

Nog – Short for “nig-nog,” a racial slur used against blacks.

Pool Party – The name used by white nationalist website The Right Stuff to refer to its real life meetups.

Fashy Haircut – A high-and-tight haircut adopted by Neo-Nazis.


Miu Miu Removes Obscene Jewish Star Dress Amid Social Media Uproar

In fashion, there are certain rules designers ought to follow, such as do not print slogans that condone drug use or the sexualisation of children. And do not, under any circumstances, place a yellow star anywhere near the chest of any garment.

While designers sometimes plead that such stars evoke the Wild West or varsity culture (stars are cute! stars denote achievement!), the Nazis made sure that from the 1930s until forever that they will be associated with the murderous pursuit of Jews in the Holocaust.

And yet, Italian fashion giant Miu Miu got it so hopelessly wrong by producing a dress in its latest range with a yellow star patch on the chest.


Vandals scrawl anti-Israel graffiti on Bulgarian Jewish monument

A monument put up by Jews in Bulgaria to thank the town of Vidin for preventing the deportation of its Jews during the Holocaust was vandalized.

The Thanksgiving Monument, erected in 2003, was spray-painted with the words “Allah,” “Palestine,” “Hamas,” and the Islamic star and crescent moon symbol, the Shalom Organization of Jewish in Bulgaria said in a Facebook post Monday.

The mayor of the Vidin municipality, Ognyan Tsenkov, called the vandalism an “outrageous and unacceptable” act, the Shalom Organization said in its post. He reportedly ordered the monument to be immediately cleaned.

Shalom Organization President Alexander Oscar in a letter to the mayor thanked him for his firm statement and quick action, and stressed that the monument “will continue to be a symbol of the brotherhood and a long history between our two peoples,” the post also said.


Billy Joel Wears Yellow Star of David at New York Show Amid Rising Neo-Nazi Activity

Billy Joel made a strong statement against the growing neo-Nazi and white nationalism movement on Monday night, taking the stage at New York’s Madison Square Garden wearing a yellow Star of David.

The 68-year-old hitmaker, who was born to Jewish parents and describes himself as culturally Jewish, donned the patch on both the lapel and back of his suit blazer — a reference to the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

It was a surprisingly political statement from Joel, who previously told Rolling Stone that he found being lectured about political views at a concert to be a turnoff.

Joel appears to have a change of heart as the neo-Nazi, alt-right movement has only gained more visibility — uniting much of the nation in outrage earlier this month after the tumultuous “Unite the Right”‘ rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia left one counter-protester dead.

Jews across Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe were forced to wear yellow stars or armbands signifying their faith and culture in the run-up to World War II. The public identification by the yellow star preceded mass-murder in Nazi concentration camps, which led to the deaths of six million Jews.


Documenting Hatred: Student Voices of Fear at Being Jewish Amidst Growing Hostility on Campuses

Effects of Antisemitic Activity on Jewish Students

Students, professors and members of outside organizations who use hateful anti-Jewish rhetoric and imagery, actively promote the dismantling of the Jewish State, and support terrorism against Jews, have created a hostile and threatening environment for many Jewish students on American campuses. These students report feeling physically unsafe, emotionally and intellectually harassed and intimidated by peers and professors, isolated from their fellow students, and unfairly treated by faculty and administrators. As a result of their experience of campus antisemitism, some Jewish students have even reported leaving the university, dropping classes, changing fields of study, avoiding certain parts of campus and hiding symbols of their Jewish background.

AMCHA Initiative has compiled published sources of students feeling harassed and intimidated on campus.

Campus Antisemitism Photo Gallery:

Images of Antisemitic Activity on US Colleges and Universities (2017 – Present)



What Students are Saying about Antisemitism on their Campuses

“…some kid stood up and shouted, ‘Mein Kampf!’ I was uncomfortable at first, but I thought it was a one time outburst. His friends’ giggling and half-hearted “stop its” seemed to keep him going, making my skin crawl, and I knew I had to say something. ‘Hi, could you stop’ I asked. ‘No. I’m not doing anything wrong.’ His friends started laughing and mumbled comments about the first amendment. ‘I’m Jewish and I find that really offensive.’ He looked at me and snickered, “You’re Jewish? Your nose is so normal. You don’t even look Jewish.”’ No one in the lounge said anything.”

“I was sitting in a study lounge with a group of my sorority sisters. As I was packing up to leave, I noticed a Swastika carved into the table under my textbook. My friend called the RA on duty immediately, she warned that Public Safety won’t do anything unless someone was ‘really offended.’ We scoffed and naively told her that everyone should be offended, but…she was right. The first thing the public safety guy asked when he got there was whether anyone ‘really cared.’”


Swedish Nazi's "Banned from entering the United States." So Sadz. No soup for you!

Christoffer Dulny: President of Nordic altright and Daniel Friberg: CEO of Arktos Media Ltd

They're ESTA* status was changed from travel authorized to travel unauthorized.

*Electronic System for Travel Authorization


"It's not about skin color for me. I'm more of an anti-Semite." Face to Face w/ American neo-Nazi

"I think there should be another genocide."

"Jews are a poison and need to be eradicated"


France: Anti-Semitic (Jews as cockroaches) political cartoon on popular blog

"... the conspiracy libel supposes that the Jews act as one, in pursuit of goals inimical to the interests of non-Jews..." (Anthony Julius)

Via La Règle du Jeu (François Heilbronn):

This cartoon features on Alain Soral's blog Egalité et Réconciliation. Alain Soral, who is a friend of Dieudonné, is known for his antisemitism. Both Soral and Dieudonné are very popular in France.

President Emmanuel Macron is represented as a cockroach and so are the other "cockroaches" who surround him and who are all Jewish: Jacques Attali (dubbed the "chief cockroach", Bernard-Henri Levy, Jack Lang, Alain Finkielkraut and Julien Dray. To avoid any doubts about their Jewish origins, Attali is pictured with a Star of David medal pinned on a blue and white striped ribbon evocative of the garb deportees were made to wear.

Finally they all come out of a toilet bearing the initials of the CRIF (an umbrella organization of French Jewish organizations) and the LICRA (an anti-racist organisation targeted by anti-Semites who believe it is run by Jews for the benefit of Jews). Next to it, stands a "French Republic" toilet with the door closed.

So what's the message? France must be be watchful because the "cockroaches" are "on the go" (a reference to President Macron's party La République En Marche) and ready to control him.

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