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"Nobody called 911": Witnesses rob, take photos of unconscious woman

A horrifying assault that was caught on surveillance video has police investigating a robbery case in Pennsylvania.

CBS Pittsburgh reports a surveillance camera captured the attack, which occurred more than a month ago.

The video shows a man walking up to a woman, kicking her leg and punching her in the face, which knocked her out cold. The man is then seen walking away from the scene. Moments later, a young man walks up to the same woman and looks at her motionless body. He then proceeds to pull out his cell phone and takes a video.

Four more young people do the same thing.


Israeli judoka wins gold at Abu Dhabi, hosts refuse to play his nations anthem or raise his flag.

So he sings it quietly himself.

Israel’s Tal Flicker had a perfect day at the prestigious international competition set in Abu Dhabi, up until he climbed up to the winner’s podium.


When judoka Tal Flicker stood on the winner’s podium as the gold medalist of the 146 pounds division, he did it under the International Judo Federation’s flag, hung above those of Azerbaijan, and Russia and Georgia, and the music of the International Judo Federation’s anthem was played. In fact, the 25-year-old Flicker isn’t a citizen of the IJF, but lives in Herzliya, Israel, just about 1,500 miles west from Zayed Sports City, over the Saudi desert; if an Israeli could travel there. The United Arab Emirates carries a supposed ban on displaying Israeli symbols, such as its flag.

“Israel is my country,” Tal Flicker, world bronze medalist and now the number-one ranked 146 pounder Judoka, said on Israel’s Channel 2 News. “I’m proud to be Israeli. The anthem that they played was just background noise, I was singing ‘Ha’Tikvah’” (‘The Hope’, Israel’s national anthem).

Flicker said he made his mind up to sing the anthem anyway, while the IJF one played, the moment he won the final match. He went on Facebook and wrote: “Everyone in the world knows where we are from and what country we represent.”


16-year-old Jewish girl allegedly told to be patient, Jews come last by Stamford Hill shopkeeper

A 16-year-old Jewish girl has allegedly been told by a shopkeeper in Stamford Hill in North East London to “be patient, Jews come last.”

The alleged incident took place on Wednesday between 17:30 and 18:00 at a shop which has a drop-off service for parcels, acting as an agent for online shops. The Jewish schoolgirl was dropping off items with the female shopkeeper, but in the middle of serving her the shopkeeper allegedly stopped and started serving another customer. The Jewish schoolgirl asked politely if she could just have her receipt so that she could leave, to which the shopkeeper allegedly replied: “be patient, Jews come last.”

Stamford Hill Shomrim, the volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol, is assisting the young girl who was shocked and felt very hurt by the alleged antisemitic comment. Stamford Hill Shomrim has reported the incident to the police and referred the case to Campaign Against Antisemitism for assistance.


Rutgers Professor Calls Judaism Most Racist Religion, Blames Jews for Armenian Genocide,

Rutgers Professor Calls Judaism ‘Most Racist Religion,’ Blames Jews for Armenian Genocide, in Flurry of Antisemitic, Homophobic and Sexist Posts.

Michael Chikindas’ Facebook timeline is filled with images depicting classic antisemitic libels, including a graphic suggesting Jews — portrayed by the Happy Merchant, a caricature of a hook-nosed Jewish male with a kippah — control the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, the “cancer industry,” “pornography,” “wars for Israel,” and “sex-trafficking,” among other things.

Another image featured the Jewish caricature — representing Israel — being carried by American soldiers and saying, “I am God’s chosen people, you filthy goyim.” A third cartoon showed a Jewish man with a large, hooked nose and a yellow “Jude” star on his suit jacket stealing money from a hungry American boy, and exclaiming, “be a patriot, goy! Somebody’s got to pay 10 billion to Israel.”

Other images depicted an Israeli flag overlaying the White House; accused Zionists of playing “the Anti-Semitism Card”; quoted former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters leveling charges of “apartheid” against Israel; and expressed support for the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign.

Chikindas also published multiple posts referring to women — including Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev, First Lady Melania Trump, and President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump — as “b**ches” and in some cases “sl*ts.”

After sharing an article claiming to expose the “global elite,” he wrote, “These jewish motherf*****s do not control me. They can go and f**k each other in their fat a***s — you see, I really do not have anything to loose (sic), hence nothing to be controlled.”


Fallen Sgt. La David Johnson was a family-oriented soldier He married his best friend.

To most of the country, Sgt. La David Terrence Johnson was an American servicemember killed in action in West Africa.

But to his family and his Miami Gardens, Florida, community, Johnson was known as "Wheelie King," a nickname he earned for riding his bicycle on one wheel. He rode a lot, usually on his way to work.

"You go slow, though. Make sure you keep your balance. Once you feel that you are comfortable, you could just ride all day," Johnson told ABC affiliate WPLG in 2013, the year before he enlisted for the Army.

To those who knew him, he was a loving husband who had his wife's name tattooed across his chest, a soldier who pushed to improve himself, and a son who enjoyed talking about his family. He was also a father who was looking forward to seeing his baby girl.

"He was very excited. He said, 'Sergeant B, I'm having a girl!' " Staff Sgt. Dennis Bohler, Johnson's close friend, told The Washington Post.


Federal Judge Will Not Void Guilty Ruling On Arpaio, Despite Trump's Pardon

U.S. District Judge Susan Ritchie Bolton says that President Trump's pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio does not "revise the historical facts" of his case — and that she will not vacate her ruling that found Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt.

On Thursday, Bolton quoted Black's Law Dictionary to say that a pardon "releases the wrongdoer from punishment and restores the offender's civil rights without qualification." But she then added a further interpretation in her own words: "It does not erase a judgment of conviction, or its underlying legal and factual findings."

Citing legal precedents, Bolton said that while a pardon removes the threat of punishment, it does not "blot out guilt." Instead, she wrote in her decision, accepting a pardon implies a confession of guilt. Bolton also suggested that the timing of President Trump's pardon — when Arpaio had not appealed her verdict — played a role in her decision to preserve it.

In her decision, Bolton notes that unlike in legal precedents where a new trial or appeal was ongoing, Arpaio's didn't have an appeal pending. The judge writes, "the only matter mooted by the pardon was Defendant's sentencing and entry of judgment, the hearing for which was duly vacated." She added, "With nothing left to vacate, dismissal with prejudice was all that remained to be ordered. Having already done so, the Court declines to order any further relief."

The situation could place Arpaio in a type of Catch-22, in which he's been saved from punishment by Trump's pardon but is unable to clear his name fully in the legal record.


BBC's Andrew Neil brands left-wing antisemitism a 'dangerous trend' in HET speech

BBC presenter Andrew Neil has said that antisemitism on the far-left is now a "more dangerous" trend in the UK than the extremism of the "knuckle dragging" far-right.

Delivering the keynote speech at the annual Holocaust Educational Trust dinner in central London, the Daily Politics show host also launched a scathing attack on Ken Livingstone for "intentionally" attempting to link Zionism with Nazi Germany.

Warning that the scourge of antisemitism was on the increase Mr Neil said: "When I was growing up the obvious antisemites were the knuckle-draggers in the National Front. In this country what was left of the KKK in America, the Holocaust deniers like Jean Marie Le Pen.

“Now these people and their kind are still around. But they are more marginal than they've been and they are less significant than they’ve been.

What has surprised me and what I think was entirely unpredictable was that the new development in this area is the rise of antisemitism on the far left. That is more dangerous than the knuckle dragging right."

He also warned that increasingly hatred of the state of Israel, masquerading as anti-Zionism actually represented modern day antisemitism. He said: "On the far left, just as there is on the far right there is a dislike of Israel, not just a dislike, a hatred of Israel.

"When it turns into hatred beyond normal criticism of foreign policy and state conduct, which we are all free to do and which every country must be subject to, when it turns to hatred then antisemitism flourishes.


Mr. Neil also references the use of social media and how antisemitic conspiracy theories are commonplace.

Pakistan barred from international football

Pakistan has been suspended from international football because of what global soccer body FIFA described as undue third-party interference in the country’s football federation (PFF).

FIFA said in a statement that the suspension would prevent Pakistani teams, including the national side, from playing in international competition and the PFF from benefiting from FIFA development and training programs.

“The PFF offices and its accounts remain in control of a court-appointed administrator, which constitutes a violation of the PFF obligations to manage its affairs independently and without influence from any third parties in accordance with the FIFA Statutes,” said FIFA.

“The suspension will be lifted once the PFF offices and access to the PFF accounts are returned to the PFF.”


Trump's UK visit has been Downgraded to a 'Working Visit.' No tea with the Queen!


White nationalist groups plan 'White Lives Matter' rally in Murfreesboro & Shelbyville, TN Oct. 28

Organizers of a “White Lives Matter” rally have applied for permits to hold an event Oct. 28 on the Rutherford County Courthouse lawn, city and county officials confirmed Monday.

The National Socialist Movement, a white nationalist group based in Detroit, will be joined by other member organizations of the Nationalist Front — including the League of the South and the Traditionalist Workers Party — for the event in Murfreesboro as well as one planned for the same day in Shelbyville.

Rutherford County and Murfreesboro city officials will meet Tuesday to determine whether the request meets city and county guidelines before the event is approved.

“We have to be very thoughtful about their rights and our citizens’ rights here, and what we’d need to do to properly manage this (event),” said Rutherford County Mayor Ernest Burgess. “We’re still working together and having some serious discussions about how we should manage this. … We’ll do our very best to do the right thing.”

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