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Name: Anthony Duval
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sacramento
Home country: USA
Current location: Sacramento, CA
Member since: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 01:38 AM
Number of posts: 3,022

Journal Archives

For those critical of Art/History Degrees...

Frequently it is said that pursuing a liberal arts or fine arts degree is a waste of time because it will not likely result in gainfull employment. I hope that even if one only views a college degree as a way to maximize earning potential they can still see some value in exposure to art and literature. I present this fable to stir some thought about not just how one may make a living, but why might they want to.

Once upon a time, there was a very industrious ant and a frivolous grasshopper. They lived near each other in a fine meadow. Everyday the ant would venture from his nest and collect food to save for the winter. While he made his rounds he would hear the beautiful music the grasshopper was playing on his fiddle. The ant would continually admonish the grasshopper "you must gather food for winter will be upon us and food will be scarce". The grasshopper would answer "I have always found enough and without my music the world would be so dreary".

The winter did come and as the ant had foretold there was not a morsel of food to be found. Since he had no stores the grasshopper soon grew hungry. Having gathered and saved all summer and fall the ant had larders a brimming, but when the grasshopper came asking for some small sustenance the ant briskly reminded the grasshopper of his laziness when there was food to collect and refused to assist the grasshopper. Soon the grasshopper perished from his hunger.

That is the part of the story everyone know, but what happened the following year is just as important.

In the spring the ant emerged from his nest prepared to gather food to save for next winter as before. What he found as he toiled was the air was silent unlike when he had been gathering last year. The silence held no comfort and no joy. As the ant worked he began to feel a profound sadness and before long he laid down and died of a broken heart.
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