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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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If Trump fires Robert Mueller, that is our Reich stag Fire moment when we take to the Streets!

I know, General Strike has never happened before, but it's gone if we don't.

Be prepared because the GOP will do nothing. If any of them cared about democracy or the rule of law, it wouldn't have gotten this far!

Will the Irony of Roy Moore Be

His Paedophilia won't make him lose the election, but his racist slavery remark will energize the Black vote to turnout on Tuesday? 🤞

Will Sessions appear before the Senate before Al Franken leaves the Senate?

If so, I want him to rip Foghorn Leghorn a new one for being the lying treasonous piece of shit he Is!

MSNBC should give Al Franken his own show!

The ratings would be off the charts, Al is brilliant; would know how to put on a great TV show, and his progressive voice would reach many more Americans!

His first guests could be Trump and or Moore accusers. Wouldn't that be a huge fuck you the right wing media hate machine!

Here's a poll question to random voters:

Because Al Franken resigned from the Senate for things far less than many Republicans, how MORE LIKELY are you to vote for democrats next Fall?

My guess: ZERO IMPACT!

The Democratic Party really screwed this up!

PS: I hope MSNBC gives Al Franken his own show!

If the right is going smear Democrats, why can't we do the same to them?

In our case it's less smear and more fact!

We are fighting for the survival of our democracy here folks! The higher ground is like bring butter knife to a gun fight and it's not working!

Roger Stone, Sean Hannity and a few others should now be prime targets of the left!

FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, RFK, and HHH: The society you created is officially dead today

We have a Republican Party that is insane and drunk with power. You wouldn't believe it! They are trying to undo everything you stood for. And how does the Democrat Party of today fight? By throwing one of the last New Deal Warriors under the bus in one of the dumbest political moves in history.

I am done; will not work for, or donate again!

As you know I am passionately against Al Franken resigning

However, if or when it happens and Roy Moore wins on Tuesday, are the Democrats collectively going to raise hell and call on Moore to resign?

If not, what is the point of All's resignation? I hope Kristen Gillenbrand hears this!

Does anyone know the time of Franken's announcement?

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