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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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A game plan for 2018

I do not believe the GOP would attempt a tax bill so outrageous that King Louis XVI would blush if they were not already planning to steal 2018.

So what can Democrats do?

1. Concentrate energies and money against Republicans in the states with the least restrictive voting laws; .CA, OR, etc.

2. Go ruthless on the GOP with ads destroying the family values BS: Roy Moore as the poster boy!

3. With opinion polls so low of Congress, specifically target their leadership: Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, etc.

4. Bring back door to door percint captains, making sure people are good to go on Nov. 6, 2018

Have you lost any friends or family over their support of Trump/GOP?

I had a friend who loves Scott Walker and Bill O'Reilly. I tolerated it even though his wife, get this, is a teacher! When they claimed people and the media weren't giving Trump a chance last Spring, I had enough and dropped all contact with them.

While it sucks to lose a friend, I just decided I did not need people like that in my life.

If Moore wins and the Senate Republicans leave him in

Will he be the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats?

Aside from his sick predatory behavior, the guy is nuts and says things as outlandish as Trump. That can't be good for Republicans in 2018.

Piggybacking on another thread, does any think that Senator Gillenbrand

A. Realizes what a colossal mistake she made?

B. Realizes how much personal anger there is out there towards her?

C. Knows that taking the moral high ground has not been working as a political strategy?

I often get blasted here for my frustration and criticisms of the Democratic Party.

While I have never voted for a SINGLE Republican in my life, I have used terms such as weak, inept, poor messaging, and always playing defense to critic the party and it's leaders.

On Tuesday a man who in his 30's was banned from a Mall for harassing girls and credibly molested teenage girls will most likely be elected to the United States Senate. Meantime a man who caught the AG Jeff Sessions lying under oath 3 times about Russia was then subjected to a BS right wing hit job has resigned because his fellow Democrats refused to defend him.

John Conyers resigned immediately, yet Joe Barton will finish his term and Blake Farenthold, who used $84,000 of taxpayer money, is going nowhere.

If you think things are running well for our party, you are either delusional or in denial.

A younger aggressive, more politically savvy generation needs to replace a clueless older guard that keeps finding ways too lose. The Jr. Senator from NY disqualified herself to be part of the new guard this week.

PS: If I get banned, I think I have proven my point about delusional and in denial.

When Moore wins on Tuesday

Will some Republicans in blue states be so turned off that it will help Democrats in November 2018? I

I wouldn't think so, but this prevent is such a loon that he may be the gift that keeps on giving. Thoughts?

Symbolic Protest and the State of the Union Address

Assuming the Trump Shitshow is still in full gear by late January 2018 (no resaon to believe it won't be), Why don't all Democratic members of the House and Senate walk out in protest?

YEAH, I know; it would never happen, but hey I can dream that their might be a limit to the Trump perversion of our once great deMOCKracy!

Why has not ONE media outlet interviewed LeAnn Tweeden about her rightwing ties;

Sean Hannity, Don Jr. etc and the pictures of her behavior with the troops on 2006 USO tour?

I am still sickened that the right got away with this blatant hit job to take one of the last New Deal fighters in the Senate and livid that the Democrats capitulate yet again!

Trump says he has cut more regulation than, wait for it: Abe Lincoln!

And he said it to an audience in the birthplace of the Confederacy! And tbey cheered!

Anyone know if the Democratic Party in Alabama has a good GOVT operation?

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