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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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With Mitch McConnell apparently so knee deep in the Russian-Trump scandal

Does anyone really think the Senate Intelligence Committee Russian investigation will be anything more than the 911 investgation whitewash?

What happens if Trump crosses the Koch Brothers or they decide he's unstable?

Instead of attending the Inauguration, Democrats should

hold a meeting to plan strategies on how to ruin Trump's presidency. Let Goebellsvision (Faux News) go nuts with this, omitting this is exactly what Republicans did to President Obama.

Will the Benedict Donald and the GOP create a situation like the French Revolution of 1789?

I don't own a gun and have never wanted. However, I believe things are going to get really bad. The economic gap is going to be on steroids and I have concerns for my safety. Welcome to Distopian America!

The key to taking back Congress in 2018 is to combat voter purges

There needs to be resources to help the elderly and minorities obtain needed documents to vote. This would include regular bus trips to DVM sites for state IDs and then to register to the year before an election. DON'T SIT BY AND WATCH YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS BE DISENFRANCHISED!

Can the Democrats fund this sort of operation? How about private donations?

It's a small action, but important :

Tell everyone you know to wear Black on Friday Jan 20. We need a visual for Trump and the GOP to see!

I also want the media to see how many of us are not going to take another stolen election lying down!

State by state, we need referendums to eliminate the elected Reps healthcare and pensions

I say state by state because I don't think it could be done on a federal level.

It should explain that these "entitlements" are just too much of a burden on the taxpayers it's "unsustainable."

Let's see how many of them support it?

As I was working out, the historical analogy finally hit me.

What is going on with Trump, Comey, and the Russians is as if the German people started to learn through foreign press, social media, and the limited free domestic press in 1933 that the Nazis started the Reichstag Fire themselves to obtain ultimate power.

I thought you were better than that America. WAKE THE FUCK UP BILLY BOB: YOU GOT PLAYED!

What I have NOT heard about with Trump's hiring Russian Hookers

Why has no one talked about the hateful, disrespect towards President and First Lady Obama?

Trump got off watching hookers urinate on a bed because the Obamas slept there? What a sick fuck!

How many of you think Goebellsvision, aka Fox News , knew all about Trump's Russia issues?

I would LOVE to see that come out to, once again, expose Fox for the propaganda machine that it is.
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