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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Asked why I did not watch the inauguration, I firmly said

none of this is vaild. He was illegal elected and I will NEVER accept a Russian plant as president.

I got looks of bemusement. That's where many of our fellow citizens are at.

Had to turn Chris Matthews off and switch to a Gillian's Island episode

He's got a hard on for Benedict Donald.

Pressure to show the inauguration again at my high school, even know the was not the case in 2008.

It took every fiber in my body not to email my administrators back and say, "Speaking of historic a moment, shouldn't we stream the impeachment hearing next fall?"

Is it me or is the damming Russian dirt on Trump dying out?

We can't let this go! The bastard committed treason and I am afraid he, like Bush and Cheney, will a free pass.

Well America: In less than 48 hours your abusive, narisccistic ex will be president

What are we going to do?

So my school administrators just sent an email telling us not to slam Trump to the students

Respect, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Funny, I don't remember the same email when President Obama was elected.

Inauguration Day Play list

1. Hymn to the USSR, (Soviet/Russian Federation Anthem), 2. Crazy Train - Ozzie Osborne, 3. American Idiot - Green Day, 4. This is Not America - David Bowie. 5. Ship of Fools - World Party, 6. Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley, 7. Fortunate Son -CCR, 8. Power to the People - John Lennon, 9. Uprising - Muse, 10. Hope of Deliverance -Paul McCartney.

James Carville Once said of Pennsylvania:

You have Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and in between you have Alabama.

That can be applied to many states: Milawukee and Madison and everywhere in Wisconsin you have Alabama, for example.

Safeguarding the next election will be tough, but we must get rid of electronic voting machines

I know impossible.

1. The GOP Congress will NEVER agree to it.

2. Most of the States are in GOP hands.

What we should do is, either by referendum or by contacting our Democratic state legislators, get electronic voting banned. What this will do is prove that in states with no electronic voting machines the polls are spot on, whereas in the states with electronic voting machines, the polls are "miraculous" wrong and douchebags like Trump suddenly win the swing states.

I know; it's a little like sending AL Capone to jail for not paying his taxes instead of murder, but it's better but than nothing!

It would clearly show the nation that these elections are being stolen by the GOP.

My Cubs at the White House with President Obama!

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