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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Remember the anger we all felt in 2005 watching New Orleans during Katrina?

Now image Bush not only saying Fuck You to the residents, but publically taunting them.

Republicans need to feel our outrage over Benedict Donald on this one!

Trump is America's Abusive Ex-Husband!

How many middle class morons will support the GOP "tax cut" give away to billionaires?

It makes me crazy people fall for this shit over and over again!

If the Republicans are willing to let the Trumpshit Show continue

and will never impeach no matter what Trump does or is found guilty of, the ONLY possible winning strategy is to make ALL Republicans own the Trump presidency. Every time he does something offensive, McConnell and Ryan's name should be said in the same sentence

This has to start being the echoed message of everyone on the left. We're not doing a very good collective job of it!


Trump's trivializing the suffering of American citizens in Puerto Rico because it hurts his image is truly unprecedented. He blames THEM and DEMOCRATS?????

There is ZERO doubt that Benedict Donald truly is a psychopath and our outrage needs to shift to ALL Republicans for allowing this shitshow to continue! How many people are going to die for Trump's vanity?

So much for Kelly reigning Trump's abhorrent behavior .

The Democrats Message on Purposed Tax Cuts:

We gave the upper 1% trillions of dollars in tax cuts under George W. Bush. So where were all the jobs that were supposed to have trickled down to rest of us? We've tried this approach numerous times and IT NEVER WORKS!

Maybe it's time for the rich to pay their fare share for a change!

How Reagan, W Bush, and Trump destroyed this country

Reagan made it virtuous to be completely greedy and gleefully fuck over the poor, W. Bush made it acceptable to cheat anyway you can to win and ignore the rule of law, and Trump has made it mainstream to publicly and vocally express your hatred of minorites.

So how the hell can anyone still think they are the party of Christian values?

So let's say Mueller issues a damming report of impeachable offensives and the GOP Congress

yawns and say, "Nope: nothing to see here", as they then plan the theft of 2018 and 2020. What do we do?

Will Tump voters ever understand instead of a business man, they elected a 2 bit Carnival Barker?

Do you think Ken Burns will include how the Nixon campaign sabotaged the 1968 Paris Peace Talks

by cutting a deal with South Vietnam to do nothing before the election? I doubt it!

The Reagan campaign used the same playbook in 1980 to keep the hostages in Iran until after the election.

The Republicans hac cheated in almost every election!
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