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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Impeachment will lead to Civil War

Roger Stone, Jim Baker, etc.

Me thinks this is a planned strategy to scare Reps and Senators out of impeachment even if it is clearly warranted.

Watch for more righties to start echoing this not so veiled threat!

If Trump and the GOP fuck up the response to Harvey

Could Texas go blue?

John McCain Rips Trump's pardon of Sheriff Joe

Sorry John and the rest of the GOP: NO MORE WORDS! ACTION!

Every morning I wake up wondering how much longer this Trump shit show can continue

Republicans are soley responsible for the destruction of this once great nation for doing nothing to stop this reckless, lawless, ignorant, and dangerous man. We need to find a way to show them that this will no be forgotten!!!

The Democrat Party must stop being so cautious and start using words to state what is happening: impeachable offenses, unprecedented violations of the constitution, treasonous actions, etc. We must have more profiles in courage!!!

Finally, we the people must start to organize and do a better job of letting everyone know there is a sleeping giant of outrage growing by the day!

I remember when President Obama was elected a women with a heavy Southern accent sobbing that she "wanted her country back " We must never sob, rather, we need to find a way other than poll numbers to reflect that we are as mad as hell and not going to put up with this shit!

While Charlottesville was a turning point, the king-like pardoning of Sheriff Joe is another

Democrats have got to start calling out Republicans for allowing this shitshow to continue. No longer listen to "skippy the professional DC pollster" and go for the truth! COURAGE, men and women!

Capitalize on the despicable pardon of Sheriff Joe:

Mobilize as many Hispanic voters for 2018 and 2020! Young Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in America. If they turn out, Democrats can win!

If the GOP can't control Trump,

Would there be any chance that Senators Flake, Collins, or any other Republican flip to the Democratic Party? They wouldn't really be Democrats; more like an anti-Trump coalition!

The man/child did it again!

It's the media's fault for HIS words and sympathy towards the Alt-Right. What a child........

Why aren't Democrats and the media calling out GOP hypocrisy over raising the debt ceiling?

This should be s textbook example of how when there is a Democratic president (especially an African American one), they scream about deficits and threaten to shut down the government. Now, McConnell can casually say there is ZERO chance it won't be raised and nobody says a word. It's just like how with a straight face she said Democrats better not "obstruct" anything. OMFG!!!!!!!!! Tjis makes me crazy!

Now that Jerry Lewis has died,

Will the world finally see, "The Day the Clown Cried?"

For those not familiar, Jerry Lewis made a film in 1972 about a clown in a Nazi Death camp. It was supposed to be poignant and "Life is Beautiful-esque", but was so distrubing and bizzare, that it was never released. Harry Shearer saw a rare copy and at the end simply said, "OMG."

I really hope the film stays hidden for Jerry's reputation and legacy.
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