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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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The Biggest Reason I Hate Republicans is

the way they can so causally play with people's lives.

I am tired that for the second time in less than 20 years of Republican presidencies and a rubber stamp Republican Congress, I have to fear that our democracy and the rule of law no longer have any meaning.

I am disgusted by the fact that Republicans were willing to take away the health care of millions for no other reason than to score a cheap, hallow political victory.

I am sick of their willingness to shut their eyes to a foreign enemy interferring in our election and the zeal they show in disenfranchising millions of voters to maintain power.

I live in constant fear of the future because no one one effectively stands up to them and says enough!

FUCK all Republicans and their foolish believers!

Theoretically in 2018, could every dem in the swing states request an absentee ballot before Nov?

Would that not ensure a paper trail? Just an idea!

The way to frame the up coming tax fight:

The upper 1 % got trillions in tax cuts under George W Bush. So where are the jobs?

New tax cuts will not help you or the American economy.

Democratic Ad for 2018

Echoing an earlier post of mine, here's an example of what we need:

PICTURE 1: This is Senator Dean Heller's family. If, God forbid, his child gets cancer, Dean has great, free government health care paid for by you, the America taxpayer.

PICTURE2: This is the Jones family. Sadly, their son Bobby was diagnosed with cancer last year. Because of Obamacare, Bobby has been able to receive treatment, yet last year Dean Heller voted to take away the health care of 16 million families just like the Jones' in order to give the upper 1% yet another round of tax cuts.

Is this who you want representing middle class Americans?

Without the brain tumor, how would McCain have voted?

I'm sure it would have been a yes.

Hey "Christian" Righties: maybe God does work in mysterious ways.

A HUGE Lesson to be learned going forward:

NEVER be afraid of, or cower to extreme Republican, conservative ideas again! Much of the bile they spew are things said only for effect and when it comes to voting on extreme ideas, they really do fear the reaction of their constituents.

A case in point will be the proposed new round of tax cuts on the uber rich. Don't be afraid of saying, we have a huge deficit, states, are having a hard time paying for education, roads, etc., and the rich have already had large tax cuts over the past 40 years! Only takes a few Republicans to reject extremism.

"President Trump; are you concerned about your leaks?"


Sessions announces plans to strip sanctuary cities of federal funds

Surely this is not legal!

If I were a rich man

I would offer a $50 million dollar prize to anyone who could provide undeniable evidence that Ryan and McConnell were in on the Russia hacking and helped to steal the 2016 election across the board for the GOP!

In the words of the movie Network, we should ALL be saying, "I'm as mad as hell, and I a m not going to take it anymore."

To the few so called "moderate" GOP Senators:

A big FUCK YOU! Don't ever lie to us again!

How do you sleep at night?
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