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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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So when the GOP refuses to impeach Trump because they were in on the collusion,

what is the game plan?

Seriously, Republicans were never punished for keeping the hostages in Iran until after the election in 1980, were slapped on the wrist for Iran/Contra, and got off scott free for lying us into a war with Iraq after 911.

Are we going to passively sit back and let treasonous crimes stand, yet again?

After 20 years of lies and bogus conspiracy theories, NOW there is a backlash against Hannity?

Vince Foster
John Kerry Swiftboat lies
The Birther Bull Shit
Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi
Hillary's Emails


Flynn Snubs Senate Subpoena for Documents

Lock his ass up for contempt of Congress!

Roger Ailes Dead at 77

Hell just got more crowded. This man help destroy America! Good Riddance!

What will it take for the Republican Reichstag to turn on Benedict Donald?

If this were a Democrat

If there really is a sealed indictment against Benedict Donald

and the Republicans fail to do anything about it, the issue must be reframed to say that Republicans support treason and don't give a dam about the rule of law.

The same simple sound bite must be echoed by ALL Democrats, liberals, and TV news outlets other than Goebbellsvision, aka Fox "News." That is how the GOP would play it and win with the public.

If this is not done, the Democrats will NOT take back the House and/or the Senate in 2018.

The mantra to be spoken by Democrats to Republicans

Every day you allow Trump to flaunt the rule of law: YOU OWN THIS!

When Trump threatens the national security by allowing Russia to influence our nation: YOU OWN THIS!

When the President lies to the American public pathologically:YOU OWN THIS!

Every time Trump weakens the relationships with out trusted Allies: YOU OWN THIS!

Do you support American or Trump and a lust power?

Mike Madigan already manipulating the 2018 Gubinatorial Primary for J B Pritzeker

Great, another billionaire who loves Charter schools. Support Kennedy or Bliss!

If Trump picks Rudy Giuliani as FBI director

We need to have a general strike.

A close personal friend and someone who was deeply involved with hurting the Clinton campaign? ENOUGH!
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