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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Don't kid yourself: The Koch Brothers are running the US Government

Everything Benedict Donald, Moscow Mitch, and Eddie Munster Ryan have done or have attempted to do domestically is straight out of the Koch manifesto:

* Gut the EPA
* Trillions in tax cuts for corporations, thus the 1%
* Destroy Obamacare; and ultimately Medicare/Medicaid
* Defund Social Security
* Drill anywhere there maybe a drop if oil: Build more pipelines
* Try to make the press the enemy of the people

Ask a conservative why deficits only seem to matter when a Democrat holds the White House?

We've seen this several times now. Reagan/ Bush 41 run up massive debt? The GOP lectures that Clinton has to bring it down. Bush/Cheney do the same, Republicans scream Obama has to get it down.

Are we really going to fall of this shit again? Trump tax cuts will do it again on a bigger scale.

The Senate Committee investigating the Russian collusion scandal: CALL TO ACTION!

It appears that Sen Burr may not be fully cooperating with the Democrats afterall. This cannot stand! If proven true, I believe the Trump campaign's actions would be the biggest scandal and act of treason in US history. We must have a real investigation! The public's attention span is short, especially if we attack North Korea.

I am asking all DUets to call their Senators, regardless of party, and demand an openand honest investigation. Put the pressure on the US Senate!

Has anyone read Matt Taibbi's book, Shattered, about the Clinton campaign?

This is not an anti-Hillary post and I fully believe the election results were questionable at best, but the excerpt I read was brutal.

The panel on Chris Matthews is giving Trump a grade of C-D for the first 100 days.


Jason Chaffetz makes me wonder if most of the Republican Party was in on the Russian collusion

This is growing, BIGLY!

Killing Bill O'Reilly

The story of a bully, partisan prick who saw his boss get away with sexually harassing women and had to out do him!

Couldn't happen to a bigger jerk and the network that condoned it!

Jon Ossoff needs to immediately challenge his GA Republican opponent to a series of debates

If she declines, it looks very bad. If she accepts, Ossoff can use it as a national platform to expose Trump and the GOP as the phonies they are.

April 15, 1947: Jackie Robinson Makes His MLB Debut

70 years ago today, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. If Robinson had failed, it would have been another decade before it would have been attempted again and it is not a stretch to say that Robinson helped pave the way for the Civil Rights movement.

Grace, amazing self restrain against ugly racism, and a sheer talent baseball all make Jackie Robinson a great American.

(If you have not seen the recent Robinson biopic "42", Watch It!)

So, have Congressional Republicans Advocated All Power to Furher Donald?

Can he just bomb at will? This is scary shit!
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