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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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So has Nancy Pelosi called on Rep Blake Farenthold of Texas to resign yet?

If she is calling on Conyers to resign, but not Farenthold, who used $ 84,000 of taxpayer money to settle sexual harrassment claims, THIS IS WHY WE ALWAYS LOSE ON PUBLIC PERCEPTION!

If or when Trump goes down, I have one wish:

The vengeful prick spills the beans that McConnell, Ryan, and most of the GOP were also in on it.

Sadly, because I believe this to be the case, I fear nothing will happen to Benedict Donald. The Republicans will give him a pass to cover their asses!

And to think the GOP actually impeached Bill Clinton over concentual sex.

"It's not about sex, but about the rule of law and lying under oath", they piously told us.

Trump and Sessions have done so much worse, yet the criminal GOP cabal will tell us with a straight face, "Nope nothing to see here."

Link Sessions to the Franken allegations and then demand the indignat, lying, Southern Elf Resign!

It's called "turning the tables."

My God; Do Democrats ever have a playbook of their own???????

The Relentlessness of the Franken Accusations Makes Me think this is Coordinated

Franken caught Sessions lying 3 times.
Franken has championed Net Neutrality
Franken is a New Deal Style Democrat
Tweeden has ties to Sean Hannity and much of her story is Bull Shit

MATT LAUER is truly sorry

He got caught.......

A Way to Finish Off the Trump Administration:

If a journalist can credibly prove that Putin is helping and directing North Korea with it's nuclear rocket program, (something I truly believe is happening), this could be the breaking point.

Think about the implications of that.....

Tax Cuts that will create French Revolution conditions, net neutrality gone, Kochs buy Time, but

LOOK: MATT LAUER! Omg! Let's have Wall to Wall coverage to distract from these critical threats to American democracy!

Any Democrat who votes for the tax bill needs to be primaried

and defeated. Completely inexcusable!

Every Republican up in 2018 who votes for this tax cut should be subjected to ads so ruthless that

they will scream and cry like babies that the Democrats are not being fair!
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