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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Newt's Calista is so STRANGE!

Half Martian; 1/2 Wicked Snow Queen!

A Big Thanks to All Who Are Watching the RNC Shit Show!

Now I don't have to watch, you can keep me informed, and my blood pressure is not rising.

As former Sanders supporter (I am all in for Hillary now) I ask if anyone will still stay home or waste a vote on Jill Stein? DON'T HELP THE GOP DRIVE THE NATION OFF THE CLIFF WITH TRUMP!

Has Goebbelsvision started the "they're being mean to Melania" bit yet?

I will not watch Faux News, so I wouldn't know, but am curious.

To the woman who personally blames Hillary Clinton for the death of her son:

I hold Bush and Cheney personally responsible for 911, for the death of 5,000 American soldiers, 100,000's of innocent Iraqis, and the creation of Isis.

I am sorry your son died. However, your hipocracy is breathtaking. Shame on you for being used as a pawn.

How soon will Trump blame President Obama or Sec Clinton for the attack on Nice France?

Not Thrilled with Kaine or Vilsak

I know it seemed unthinkable just weeks ago, but if Hillary picked Bernie, I think it would be game over for Trump. I know; ain't gonna happen.

Who would be a better pick than the 2 front runners?

I don't want President Obama to go to Dallas next week

I know it's irrational and emotional, but when it was announced he was going on the news, a chill when down my spine. I have worried about racist and nuts since the day he won the election in 2008. God be with him!

What Trump Should Have Said About Hussein

Hussein was a brutal dictator, but his totalitarian government kept 3 ethinc groups of people who hated each other from killing each other. When Bush and Cheney lied us into war, they destabilized the entire region and this is what led to the creation of Isis ,

Hillary should not be praising charter school

I was very disappointed to hear Sec Clinton praise Charter Schools at the NEA Convention yesterday.

Charter schools break unions, transfer public dollars to private profit interests, and more importantly DON'T WORK! Students do no better than their public school counter parts. Did you know that when a student opts out of a charter schools at the semester, they don't return the money? This puts a bigger burden on public education.

I seriously hope a Clinton Administration will not continue to support one of the great frauds of the 21st Century.

Bernie Supporter Here

After James Coomey's statement, it's time for Bernie to drop out. I will support Hillary in November.
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