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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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He's making George W. Bush look intelligent!


The Rats Are Jumping from the SS Trump!

John McCain, Rob Portman, etc. My question is what took them so long? These are profiles in cowardess, not integrity. They are doing it for self preservation and I'm calling Bull Shit!

A Draw

Nothing gained; nothing lost.

Pence Just Stumbled on Abortion

Terrible Answers.

Bernie Sanders should have been the VP!

He would destroy Pence. So far I am "underwhelmed" by Kaine.

Mark Kirk is a Tool

Calling President Obama the "Drug Dealer in Chief" over the Iran caah payment is another racist dog whistle. Tammy Duckworth needs to beat this loser.

Also, I love how the GOP omit's of the role of the biggest "drug king pin": Ronald Reagan. Typically Republican, they conveniently forgot arms for hostages and Iran/Contra.

If you know anyone who is supporting Trump:

Ask them a simple question: Would you marry a person who can NEVER admit they're wrong; that they are infallible? NO?

Then why would you vote for that person as your president?

The Chicago Cubs: first MLB team to 70 Wins/Best Record in Baseball

Dare I dream or will they break my heart again?

A Huge Hypothetical:

If the Democrats can take back the Senate and take the House or at least get it down to a single digit GOP lead, I believe things wil start getting done again in Washington.
The Democrats must pound the word MANDATE over and over again.

If this begins to happen, the GOP will be broken for at least 2 generations.
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