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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Though I love my phrase Goebellsvision for Fox News,

I will hearby call it " The Pravda News Network"


and beg the president to declassify everything they have on the Russian hacking and release it before Monday's EC vote.

If not, then he needs to give a national address explaining the gravity of the situation!

A thriving healthy democracy!

Remember everyone: Democrats can win most future elections, as long as they maintain a 10 + point lead to make it too suspicious for Republicans and foreign governments to hack and flip votes!

Have a nice day freedom lovers!

If I had the money....

I'd offer 50 million dollars to anyone who can prove the Russians or anyone else hacked votes for Trump in the battleground states.

OUR Nuclear Option

If the Democratic Party does not take the Russian Hacking Scandal to a fever pitch and raise REAL HELL over this, NONE of us should give any more money to the party or individual candidates until they do!

I refuse to give money to a party that is pacifly letting the GOP get away with steal another election!

De-funding them is the only real power we have to start demanding change!

Do the Electors in the Electoral College only get to vote from Trump or Clinton?

Lord knows I want a Democratic President, but ANYONE BUT TRUMP!

IF Trump is actually sworn in,

Predict what his Reichstag Fire will be.

Why Any GOP Congressional Investigation will Go Nowhere

If they REALLY investigate, they will find the Russians help electronically flip votes for Trump in the battleground states. They will NEVER allow it to come out.

General Strike II

SERIOUSLY: Given the Russian Hack info coming out, if Trump and Pence are allowed to take office on Jan 20, 2017, we all need to take to the streets!

Jan 20, 2017

America's first General Strike? The Democrats will feeiblely protest , while Republicans laugh at them.

We have to do something! This treasonous fraud can NOT be allowed to take office!
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