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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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An Open Letter to New Yoker Carl Paladino

Dear Carl:

I read today about the extremely racist thing you said about the First Lady of the United States and I just wanted to tell you to go Cheney yourself! I've got news for you. 120 years ago, they said the same vile shit about your great-grandmother. Dark, Catholic, Italians were not the most beloved immigrants by white Protestant Americans.

But you know what really bothers me? It's that you and the other conservative Obama haters can never admit that the Obamas have carried themselves with such grace, dignity, and character in the mists of such overt hatred such as you expressed, while on the other hand, your cry baby president-elect acts like a spoiled 5th grader when anyone dares to criticize him. You and the President Elect will NEVER have the class of President Barack Obama and his amazing wife Michelle.

You are a pathetic loser!

Does anyone think Democratic Leaders in the House and Senate have a plan?

Seriously, what planning sessions are under way to deal with the biggest threat to the history of this great Republic in Donald of Orange?

Are they coordonating ways to deal with this madman?

Do they even have a plan to counter Trump and the GOP media lies?

Based on the Russian Hacking Scandal, I'd have to say no!

Why did President Obama Cave to Mitch McConnell in September?

I don't get it. The old Turtle blocked coming out about Russian hacking by threatening to rage about the president playing partisan politics.

Question: WHO FUCKING CARES? Why wouldn't the president tell the public the truth anyway?

The Paradox that Drives Me Crazy!

The GOP can scream about non-scandals and then get major investigations like Benghazi, yet Democrats aren't screaming about treasonous election stealing and foreign interference like with Russian hacking. WTF?

If the shoe was on the other foot and the Republicans were the minority party, all hell would be breaking loose.

If the Democrats won't raise hell over this, we have no opposition party in this country. That is profoundly disturbing.

How many think votes were flipped to Trump in all the swing states?

Now, how many think the Russians flipped the votes electronically and many in the GOP knew about all along?

Iran/Contra and Watergate would be child's play by comparison.

How do we get James Comey charged for violating the Hatch Act?

We have lost everything else. This needs to happen.

Is there anything Trump could do that even Republicans would have to impeach him?

It seems to me that without some blue state Republicans in the House and 5 Republican Senators, he will be able to get away with anything and disprove Gerald Ford's statement that, "We are a nation of laws and not men."

If Trump has his own "Security Force"

Will they have to take an oath to Trump personally?

Also, where the hell does this leave the Secret Service?

Want to get Trump Impeached ASAP?

George Soros or another uber wealthy patriot should offer a $ 50 million reward to anyone who can prove (independently varifiable) that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia and/or that Russian hacked and flip votes on the swing states.

For Those Upset with My Bashing of the Democratic Party:

THIS is why I am so angry.

In 1993, Bill Clinton came into office and stated that we needed to move on from Iran/Contra. No further investigations. Assuming the Speakership in 2006, Nancy Pelosi announced "Impeachment of Bush and Cheney is off the table." When taking office in 2009, President Obama stated that there would be no investigations of the Bush administration crimes and we needed to move on.

All this did was embolden the GOP to keep pushing the envelope because the Democrats have repeatedly have shown Republicans that they can get away with anything.

The GOP spent 50 million on a non-scandal with Beghazhi , but guess what? It worked in ruining Hillary Clinton's chances.

Politics is perception, especially to so many who really who no clue.

I am tired of the Democrats not raising the same kind of hell that that Republicans do to control public perception.

Thom Hartman said it best, "Democrats play checkers, while a Republicans play chess." Imagine if the whole Putin thing was on the other foot? What would Republicans do?
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