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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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I will dare to ask the following question:

If a man had the voting record of Hillary Clinton, gave millions of dollars worth of speeches to Wall Street Bankers, and used the DNC to vastly favor his campaign, how many of you would be enthusiastic supporters?

Well It's Official: Hillary Has Been Exonerated for Everything She Ever Said or Done!

You know why? Because Hillary supporters on DU SAY SO, that's why! Reading these posts this afternoon, there is ZERO objectivity and it is reminiscent of W Bush supporters. Truly scary. Only a fool thinks they are right all of the time!

Will the GOP just go through the motions with Trump?

Consentrate time and resources on Congress and prepare to somewhat work with Hillary? ME THINKS SO!

Since Clinton and Trump have such high negatives, could a 3rd Party (Not Sanders ) run and win?

If so, who?

Is Any One Else Tired of Being Blocked By Juries of Hillary Supporters?

A few times I will admit to crossing a line, but every time I post something negative about Ms. Clinton a jury pops up and always votes to block.

My God, if they can't handle us Bernie supporters ,how will they handle GOP criticisms in the fall? It's EXTREMELY IMMATURE!

A Moment that Made Me Sick Today

I'm reviewing with students for a constitution test. I was explaining how the president apoints a justice to the Supreme Court with similar philosophy to their own, aka Republicans appoint conservatives and Democrat appoint liberals.

In my head I thought Bull Shit! Democrats appoint a Centrist, worrying about accommodating Republicans. Why the fuck is that? If it weren't for Liberals there's no Brown v. Board of Education, no ending Jim Crow Laws, no Roe v. Wade, no Gay marriage, and on and on.

The Democrats should be run ON the party's liberal accomplishments instead of running FROM them. This is why the Republicans have controlled the national debate for the last 35 years.

Calling Hillary a Progressive Makes ZERO Sense!

Her voting record clearly and factual does not reflect progressive values. Also, how can a "Progressive" give $200,000 secret speeches to the very people who need to be subjected to more Progressive legislation?

It's as if Teddy Roosevelt would have been giving secret speeches to JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller.


No Hitter for Cubs Jake Arrieta. They are 12-4!

Let's hope they don't wilt in August. GO CUBS!

I Don't Care When The Clintons Folks Mock Bernie

What pisses me off to no end is when they mock the traditional progressive stances of the Democratic Party. Sadly, many of these Generation Xers never got to see an America when the rich were made to pay their fair share in taxes, college tuition was free in many states, and with only a high school education, one could get a manufacturering job that paid a living wage.

Mock away, but NONE OF THESE THINGS will happen with a president who is so personally beholden to Wall Street bankers and corporations who hide their money overseas. Have a great night!
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