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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Shout out to British driver Pippa Mann: 18th Place at the Indy 500!

Way to go Pippa! Come ABC: mention her at least!

If anyone thinks the Democratic Party is not owned by money interests, ask yourself this:

Why is it that the democratic establishment works so dam hard to get Bernie Sanders out of the race, yet these same people often cave into Republicans or fail to defend the party ideals?

A sincere belief that Democratic unity will pervail in the end

A giant step in that direction will be when supporters of both campaigns (myself included) tone it down. I have voted for the lessor of two evils in most elections since 1980. I have issues with the Clinton's money interests and sense of entitlement. On the other hand, I can see why Clinton supporters believe that Sanders is promising young people things he will never be able to deliver on.

Many times nasty primary fights are resolved enough to see victory in November. Ask yourself if you would like to see Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz or Secretary of Transportation Chris Christie? (Think of all the bridges he could close!)

As the Rolling Stones said,"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes; you get what you need."

I will tone down my sometimes nasty retotic and hope othets will begon to do the same.

Crystal Ball

Hillary will obviously lead in delegates after California. At the convention, a few of Sanders' points will be included in the Democratic Party platform, a raise in minimum wage, reduction on college costs, a jobs program etc. Bernie will be a loyal foot solider; endorse her and campaign for Hillary a few times in the fall, especially with college kids.

If she loses in the general election, how much do you want to bet the regular Hillary apologists here on DU will still blame Bernie and his supporters for her loss.

The New Clinton Attack On Bernie: He's Ralph Nader!

Anyone else see this being used eveywhere lately? Honest to God; Do they give their drones marching orders to just repeat it over and over?

Was Ralph Nader an elected Congressman for years and then a US Senator? Such a lame comparision and it reeks of desparation.

If Hillary is such a strong candidate...

Why doesn't she put Bernie away? Even with the Democratic Party machinery clearly stacked in her favor, she can't score a knockout victory. It's time to acknowledge that she's not a very good candidate and President Trump is a scary possibility. We scoffed at the idea of President Ronald Reagan in 1980.


What a fucking con artist. She is playing the Bull Shit NV thrown chair incident as if Bernie himself ordered it, yet at the same time, not a word about the shooting of Bernie's Campaign office. Go On: Tell me why the media is not in the tank for Hillary?

If you support Hillary and want her to win in November,

Stop despsraging Bernie's snd his supporters. That strategy makes no sense whatsoever!

Hillary's VP Choice

To all Hillary and Bernie supporters: what about Sherrod Brown for VP? Swing State and Liberal. Thoughts?

This is why we are supposed to vote for Hillary:

After all the mocking, belittling, and their inability to admit Hillary has ever done anything wrong, we are being told, "Well, she better than Trump."

Check out the responses in the general dicussions to my earlier post. The Hillary people are like cult members and I keep changing my mind about voting for her.
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