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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Going Crazy Here

This Russian Hacking scandal and Trump's denial and subsequent praise of Putin should have people in the streets, but no one seemingly cares!

If this was a Democrat, House of Representatives would already be preparing impeachment charges.

I know corporate "news" is not giving this the attention it warrents, but my God: have Americans become that stupid?

The message Democrats must repeat over and over on the Russian Hacking Scandal:

"Republicans put party over American National Security." Scream it on social media, on network/cable news, and in communications with constituents.


And to Rep Franks of AZ: A special new year's FUCK YOU!

The real reason the GOP is hell bent on repealing Obamacare

It's sucessful!

They can't let President Obama get credit for anything and they absolutely cannot show that a program developed by the government works.

Screw the working poor and their health; we must prevail

Any Rand is running the Republican Party!

A Simple Soundbite Idea for the Democrats to Use Constantly Against the GOP in 2017

"Americans Need to Work Harder for Less Money: the Uber Rich are Suffering, You Know!"

Maybe then the Trump supporters and the dumbass haters of "big government will see that they got played in the geatest con job in US history!

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is this:

When the GOP goes bold, Dems think small

When Republicans bully, Democrats cower in fear

When the GOP stays on message; Dems try to nuance

When Dems say something Republicans don't like, Democrats are quick to apologize

When Mitch McConnell obstructs, Senate Dems try to compromise and accommodate


A Netanyahu Question

Excluding ultra right wing LaCud Party supporters, do the Israelis have any clue as to how much damage Netanyahu is doing to world opinion? Do they care?

SC Republican Rep Chris Corley arrested for domestic abuse

Has Fox "accidentally" identified Corley as s Democrat yet? $10.00 says the will!

We Love You President Obama, but

Why did you praise Mitch McConnell's leadership skills? I realize you might not be able to blatantly call him out for being the racist, treasonous, obstructionist, corporate whore that he is, but WTF was that?

Benjamin Netanyahu is Mad


Prehaps if he hadn't activity worked with Congressional Republicans to undermine President Obama at ever turn, he would not be increasingly isolated. His attitude towards President Obama and America has been disgraceful and unworthy of a close ally.
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