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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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If the right is going smear Democrats, why can't we do the same to them?

In our case it's less smear and more fact!

We are fighting for the survival of our democracy here folks! The higher ground is like bring butter knife to a gun fight and it's not working!

Roger Stone, Sean Hannity and a few others should now be prime targets of the left!

FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, RFK, and HHH: The society you created is officially dead today

We have a Republican Party that is insane and drunk with power. You wouldn't believe it! They are trying to undo everything you stood for. And how does the Democrat Party of today fight? By throwing one of the last New Deal Warriors under the bus in one of the dumbest political moves in history.

I am done; will not work for, or donate again!

As you know I am passionately against Al Franken resigning

However, if or when it happens and Roy Moore wins on Tuesday, are the Democrats collectively going to raise hell and call on Moore to resign?

If not, what is the point of All's resignation? I hope Kristen Gillenbrand hears this!

Does anyone know the time of Franken's announcement?

A Main Reason Al Franken Should NOT Resign:

These are not ordinary times! We have a Criminal Cabal in power that colluded with an eneny of the USA to steal an election! Whatever personal mistakes Al has made in his life pale compared to the dangers we face!

The scariest thing to me is that so many of our own Democratic Senators DON'T understand the perilous course we are on and have turn on one of their own in an obvious rightwing hit job. Why can't they see what the hell is going on?


Why can't Al Franken just say he won't run for reelection?

If it's OK for Joe Barton, why not Al?

So before I try to crash after a sad day, what will Al Franken do tomorrow?

If Al Franken resigns, is Adam Schiff the next rightwing smear target?

Any other guesses?

Remember when McConnell denied Marrick Garland his constitutional right to be on the Supreme Court

and all the Democratic Senators said he should resign?


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