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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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I Don't Care When The Clintons Folks Mock Bernie

What pisses me off to no end is when they mock the traditional progressive stances of the Democratic Party. Sadly, many of these Generation Xers never got to see an America when the rich were made to pay their fair share in taxes, college tuition was free in many states, and with only a high school education, one could get a manufacturering job that paid a living wage.

Mock away, but NONE OF THESE THINGS will happen with a president who is so personally beholden to Wall Street bankers and corporations who hide their money overseas. Have a great night!

Why the Republicans Don't Want to Run Against Bernie Sanders

Bernie might actually be able to wake up Americans to the fact that since Ronald Reagan, they'be been screwed by Republican economoc policies and they'be been voting against their own interests for 35 years. People are pissed and that message will resonate. He is the polar opposite of GOP polices that have ruined people's lives.

With NAFTA, Free trade deals, and outsourcing of jobs overseas, how many of you think Hillary can successfully pull off that message?

Does It Bother You that Anita Hill was Totally Slimed by David Brock

And now he is a key player in Hillary Clinton's Campaign? That seems to be very contradictory to women's issues.

How About those 8-1 Chicago Cubs?

Yet AGAIN, Hillary gets to go last!

Did the Hillary Group put up a"Hillary Won the Debate" thread 2 Hour before it started?



Did you not learn that lesson in kindergarten?

If the 2016 Democratic Primary Was in 1968

Bernie would be breaking bread with hunger striker Cesar Chavez like RFK and Hillary would be fundraising with agribusinesses in the grape growing business.

And they say Bernie not a Democrat? BULL SHIT!
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