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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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I will not be attacked by someone reading THEIR meaning into my words!

OK: I found a way towards unity for all of us!

2016 has been bitter and nasty. I admit that I am guilty of this myself with some, not all, of my posts.

I want everyone to go on a rightwing site and start reading their posts. Did you know:

A. Hillary will take away your guns? I did not know the president had the sole power to repeal amendments?

B. We need more tax cuts for the Job creators.

C. Only minorities get welfare?

D. All Muslims are loyal to Isis?

To my Sanders supporters I say, we just can't risk President Trump and to Hillary supporters, let's please starting having positive dilogues

It's unbelievable

Even when you say you'll vote Hillary over Trump, they are mocking, condescending, and arrogant. Lot of angry winners out there. I don't get it.

Why I am troubled by the Hillary Supporters

I was for Bernie from the beginning because he stands for the Democratic Party values of my youth, while, frankly, I don't feel Hillary Clinton does. Having said that, I would totally support Hillary over Trump or any other Republican in November.

What troubles me is how so many Hillary supporters dismiss the email issues as nothing and won't even entertain the possibility that she did anything wrong.

Whether you believe it or not, THIS THING IS REAL and I don't want it to hurt the party and elect Trump. It's not about Bernie getting the nomination or not. If Hillary is damaged goods, I would be fine with Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, or any other viable candidate.

Contrary to what you might think, I really hope there is nothing there! SERIOUSLY! However, if there is, we could be in real trouble.

The Progressive Movement is Just Getting Started

In all likelyhood, Hillary Clinton will be the nominee and next president of the USA. I'd like to think she might actually fight for the Middle Class, but her Wall Street speeches, support of trade policis, and the way she panders to everyone all tell me othewise.

However, just as the conservative-right moment began to grow in the 1970's, Bernie and his supporters have awoken a growing feeling that the system is broken, democracy is owned by lobbists and coroprations, and the uneven distribution of wealth is approaching French Revolution territory. No matter what happens, we need to continue the fight. It's time for the political pendulum to move left again.

Done with GD Posts

Certain Hillary people on DU are nuts; you can't reason with them, they are condescending a-holes, who then try to project it onto you, & they worship Hillary Clinton as a deity, who is infallible. I've had enough! If they project this attitude to he general public in the fall, they will help elect Trump.

Don't Tell Me the 2016 Election is Over!

48 Years ago today, Robert F. Kennedy won the important California Primary and then was senselessly gunned down. I would like everyone to ask themselves, who would RFK be voting for on Tuesday? Would RFK have supported single payer health care? Would he have supported free college tuition in place of $ 38,000 on average of college loan debt to start out in life? How about a real $15.00 an hour minimum wage? Do you think he would be a proponent of NAFTA type trade deals?

Bernie Sanders ideas are NOT "Free Stuff" or "Pie in the Sky." They are what the Democratic party of my youth supported and fought for. I believe Donald Trump will not be elected president in November whether it's Clinton or Sanders. Therefore, I ask you to decided whether you want to continue a Neoliberal, Pro Corporate, unfair trade deal nation or someone who will fight for the middle class as it used to and change the course of this country. This is your last chance.

Many of you are saying it can't be done. I say if Ronald Reagan began to destroy the American middle class in the 1980's, Bernie Sanders can begin to restore it in the 21st Century. A Sanders victory on Tuesday in California could stop the Clinton nomination by giving many Democrats pause.

Californians Should Reject the Networks Attempts to Minimize Their Votes

The idea that they will declare Hillary the nominee before the polls close in California is BS! We know they have been for her from the beginning, but they should stop working hard to discourage people from voting. I would like to remind everyone in California that NO ONE IS THE NOMINEE until the vote takes place on tne convention floor in July!

The Clinton Supporters Projection

Lately I've heard that Bernie is the one who will be indicted, that Bernie has rigged the system, and that Sanders receives as much corporate money as Hillary does. I'm sure others can add on.

Sanders is by no means perfect, but the pathetic projection of Clinton's issues on to Bernie Sanders is very telling.
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