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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Devin Nunes is one of the slimiest Republican Congressmen I've ever seen!

Will he get reelected, indited, or both?

Not ONE REPUBLICAN Objected to Trump's North Korean Nuke Tweet

That should be a major talking point echoed by everyone on the left!

To the supporters of Kirsten Gillibrand:

Before the Al Franken calculated political move, I really like her!

If she is the 2020 nominee, I will support her over ANY Republican nominee.

However, it's going to take a long time to get over what she did to Al and the Democratic Party.

Does she and/or Chuck Schumer have any remorse?????

Just finished Chris Matthews' book on RFK

It's rather simple; good for a novice about the Kennedys and the 1960's, but nothing earth shattering.

However, I just keep thinking rhetorically , My God: How did America get this fucked up?

A New Year's Reminder:

For every insane tweet, not so veiled threat, every diplomatic blunder, and racist statement, hold McConnell, Ryan, and the entire GOP personally responsible!

THEY alone are allowing the destruction of America to continue with the Trump Shitshow!

Of these potential 2020 candidates, whom would you support and why?

Gov Andrew Cuomo NY
Gov Jay Inslee WA
Sen Kristen Gillenbrand NY
Sen Sherrod Brown OH
Rep Joe Kennedy III MA
Sen Elizabeth Warren MA
Sen Tim Kane VA

I have intentionally left out Sanders, Clinton, and Biden. We need to move forward, not backward.

Please refer to Hannity from now as "Moscow Sean."

1. It will drive his treasonous ass crazy.

2. He may as well be getting his scripts directly from Putin's office.

3. Like the GOP, if you repeat it long enough, it will take on legitimacy with the public!

The blunt question I wish someone had the guts to ask Mitch McConnell:

"How can anyone take you for anything other than a partisan, power hungry, hack when you literally tried to obstruct anything President Obama tried to do, yet you go along with everything Trump does or say without objection?"

"John Marshall has made his decision." "Now let him enforce it" - Andrew Jackson

This was the famous quote after the Supreme Court ruled in the 1832 case of Worcester v. Georgia that the Cherokee Indians did not have to be moved west of the Mississippi River.

Knowing Congress supported him, Jackson arrogantly thumbed his nose at the court and did it anyway, which would lead to the Trail of Tears.

Nothing Trump does or says surprises me anymore. The message that needs to be echoed by all is "Look at how the Republicans say nothing and allow this Trump Shitshow to continue."

That is a truthful message that will help the Democrats take back Congress in 2018!

Watching Joy Reid: How is Guccifer 2.0 connected to Roger Stone?

Could someone please explain this to me?
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