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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Does anyone realize that if Al Franken resigns:

A. You will embolden the right wing smear machine to take out other Democrats in the near future.

B. Due process is unimportant.

C. Fewer good people will want to run for office.

D. People will remember Al Franken resigned in 2018 over sexual harassment, but gradually forget about Senator Moore's predatory behavior.

E. Once again, Republicans get away with rank hypocrisy.

Wow: I'm just so impressed that the Democrats resign for bad behavior, but the Republicans don't!

I'll be switching over to the Democrats in 2018!

The Turtle will mumble, No; No need for an ethics investigation of Senator Moore!

If you can't reach Al Franken's Office, call Senator Klobachar or your Senator!

Tell them Al should not resign until Trump does!

Amy's number 1-202-224-3244

Another Democratic Chess Blunder!

Why wouldn't you make McConnell hold his ethics investigation of Al Franken to discover this was mostly a right wing Stone/Hannity hit job?

Also if you held one from Franken; you'd have to have one for Moore. NOW, THERE WILL BE NO MOORE INVESTIGATION!


I bet when Roy Moore wins on Tuesday, Mitch McConnell will call for that ethics investigation!


Played once again, folks!

If Franken resigns tomorrow, I hope he tears the following people a new one on the way out:

Roy Moore

And all the other hypocrites!

Al Franken has to resign, but Mark Sanford is in the House of Representatives?

WTF??????????? %#%@$?????????

The ENTIRE Democratic leadership needs to go!

You won't win anything always reacting in fear to the Republicans say or do!

Conyers and Franken are out, but Trump, Moore, Farenthold, Barton, and others get to go on being upright pillars of the community in the eyes of the public?

THAT IS GROSS INCOMPETENCE at managing the public's perception of politics!

Congrats Democrats!

You let Sean Fucking Hannity and Roger Stone beat you! They played you like a fiddle.

By the way, who's next?
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