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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Sinclair media on Chris Hayes right now: they will soon own more stations

The "Right wing Talk Radioization" of local TV News. AUGH!

If Trump resigns or is impeached, who would Pence pick as VP?


Democrats don't need to lie or mislead in 2018

But their ads against Republicans in Congress need to be ruthless on an unprecedented level. No.more polite, feel good ads; go for the jugular and expose the greedy, treasonous, hypocrisy of Republicans and make them own everything about Trump. We may not like it, but IT WORKS!

Feel free to used the Soviet hammer and cycle!

If Nixon had 3 articles of impeachment against him, how many should Trump have?

I say over 10.

If Benedict Donald vetoes the Russian Sanctions Bill

will this turn even a few Republicans against Trump?

God I hate paying taxes

is what so many Americans say. In Cook County IL there is a new soda tax that many are up in arms about.

What I can't understand is the complete disconnect of so many people. They expect roads, schools, parks, etc. , but never want to pay any federal, state, or local taxes. How did become so stupid?
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