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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Will the Dems in the Senate be able to stop the trillion $ give away in the guise of tax "reform?"

Will some go along with the maddness?

The Emperor Never Had Clothes!

The time has come, at long last, for Democrats and the few reasonable Republicans out there, even those who just want to save their political hides, to said loud and clear: Any man with so little self control IS UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT! We can't afford to have him in office anymore! Dam it: Stop being afraid to say it!

Echoing an earlier post: the ALT LEFT IS NOT A THING!

It's not even a false equivalency. No group on the left espouses racism, government overthrow, and murder.

Do not let something made up and completely false take hold!

There is no celebrating treasonous Americans who immorally held human beings as slaves!

To the Alt Right, Southern "Good Old Boys", I say:

Fuck you and your heritage!

You lost the war and your antebellum society was a shameful era of American history. We don't celebrate losers! If you can't handle it, go live somewhere else!

A Plead to Congressional Democrats and Any Reasonable Republicans:

The Alt Right Movement is unnerving. However, you cannot let Trump's crimes go out of fear of what these morons might do in reaction to impeachment charges. As the conservatives always say, "We cannot back down or the terrorist win!"


A question for my neighbors in Wisconsin who were there on election day:

In addition to Trump/Clinton, was the November 2016 Senate election stolen from Russ Feingold by the Johnson campaign? I can' understand how Russ lost.

If a Democratic president's father had been a member of the KKK

what do you suppose the media would be saying about the president right now?

No one talks about Fred Trump's dark past, but if he were a Clinton, Gore, or any other Democrat, that's all they would be talking about. There would be non-stop coverage about how the Democratic was raised by a racist and how intolerable it is.

The American media bias for corporate Republicans is a far bigger threat to the nation than the Alt Right!

Seeing the Nazi-esque Torch Light March Parade in Virginia last night

I'd just like to say to every Republican office holder and every American who votes Republican: YOU OWN THIS SICK CREATION!

Since Ronald Reagan in 1980, the GOP has played on middle and lower class whites with a message of "Us v. Them", minorities are the reason your lot on life sucks, and whites are being oppressed. Sadly, ignorant citizens have fallen for this, as the upper 1 %, laughs at their stupidity and screws them economically.

So as the "Republican Frankenstein" grows in it's vileness, DO NOT ACT SHOCKED OR SURPRISED: THIS IS ALL ON YOU!

How much do you want to bet Manafort is singing to save his sorry ass?

I hope he tells them, not only about collusion, but actually vote flipping!

So Benedict Donald just tweeted classified information

Seems like his Depends are not the only thing leaking.

Add this to another article of impeachment!
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