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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

Journal Archives

How About those 8-1 Chicago Cubs?

Yet AGAIN, Hillary gets to go last!

Did the Hillary Group put up a"Hillary Won the Debate" thread 2 Hour before it started?



Did you not learn that lesson in kindergarten?

If the 2016 Democratic Primary Was in 1968

Bernie would be breaking bread with hunger striker Cesar Chavez like RFK and Hillary would be fundraising with agribusinesses in the grape growing business.

And they say Bernie not a Democrat? BULL SHIT!

An Honest Question about November 2016

Which is more important to you: nominating the first female nominee or electing a Democrat in the November General Election?

Campaign Commercial Idea

I wish I could edit media for the following concept. You have a picture of Hillary in Red stating a position. Next you have picture of Hillary in Gold changing that position. Finally, you have a third picture of Hillary in Green changing her view yet again. All the while Boy George's song Kama Kama Camelion is playing. "Red, Gold, and Green."

Five Swipes to get on the Subway?

I guess Hillary is a real "woman of the people", unlike Bernie Sanders. NOT! So much for "tokengate."

This token thing is a Fricken Joke!

If Hillary said something about "using a video tape", do you think the talking heads would be saying'"No one has used videos in 15 years and her not knowing to say DVD clearly shows how out of touch she is."

REALLY? That's the best you got?

Hillary Supporters: Is Your Candidate Infallible?

Seriously; reading hundreds of posts on DU, I have yet to see a SINGLE instance of a Hillary supporter admitting she has ever done anything wrong, not only during this campaign, but in her entire career. Isn't that a bit childish?
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