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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Hypothetical: If Trump were impeached

would he take down Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan with him?

This is my fear as to why Republicans won't follow through with impeachment, no matter what the Trump campaign has done with Russia.

Breaking: Flynn willing testify under immunity

The dominos may start falling!

The Fix is in!

Ryan says there is no need for Nunes to step down! The Democrats need to shut down the government until there is an independent special prosecutor!

Filibuster Question

If the Senate Democrats decide not to Filibuster Neil Gourch, could Al Franken go it alone, a la Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

DUers from California:

How is the Nunes thing playing in his home district? This guy not only needs to be removed from the Oversite Committee; he needs to resign from Congress!

Seeing a disturbing trend here today

Democrats should work with Trump

HELL NO! That would be like telling the people of Oz to "work with the man behind the curtain."

Donald Trump is a treasonous, illegitimate fraud who needs to be removed from office and put in jail. No Way Democrats should work with him. Are we being trolled?

With all the Russia/Trump evidence starting to emerge,

At what point will the GOP turn on Benedict Donald; not out of loyalty to the rule of law, but for self preservation?

Is it possible as the Trump/Russian treason unfolds

it can be proven that votes in the swing states were flipped from Hillary to the Orange Menace?

I have never bought the idea that all of the swing states suddenly went 5 points for Benedict Donald. They did it in Ohio in 2004 for Bush, so why would it be so hard to believe ?

Republicans are great at campaigning; SUCK at governing

I know some votes to repeal the ACA were from the Looney Tune "Freedom" Caucus, but the defeat of Obamacare illustrates that many Republicans can talk a good game with voters, but deep down they are scared shitless to actually enact the "Conservative Utopia" they've always talked about because they know too many of us don't buy it. Others have cynically gone along with crazy ideas just to get elected with no intention of doing anything on the extreme agenda that is preached.

Similar things will happen with Abortion, LGBT Rights, etc.

Now is the time for Democrats to go on the offensive and expose the paper tiger of the Republican Party and fight like hell for the ideals of the New Deal!

Democrats don't need write ads for 2018

Just show the asshat, Benedict Donald, spewing all his greatness from 2016 and then show the reality of what he is about.
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