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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Trump: the gift that will keep on giving!

While the message can't be "We're not Trump; vote for us!", the Democrats have a great helper in 2018 and 2020: Donald J. Trump!

After last night's ass kicking, a normal human being might step back, reflect, and realize they need to tone down the rethoric. But oh no; not the narccist Benedict Donald. He will be an even bigger prick! Keep it up Twitter!

For the all hate heaped on me for daring to be critical of the Democratic Party

I do not appcietate being called a Russian troll or Trump supporter.

Walter Mondale was the first Democrat I voted for and I have NEVER VOTED FOR A SINGLE REPUBLUCAN IN ANY ELECTION!

In 1988, I was a Field Coordinator in 4 states for the late Sen. Paul Simon's presidential campaign!

I voted for Bernie in the primary and Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Disagree with my ideas all you want, but FUCK OFF if you make nasty assumption about someone you don't know a God Dam thing about.

None of us know what's in another's heart on DU!

Up Chuck Todd Makes Me Want to Puke!

Breaking News: VA loss could be a Major Blow to the Dems!

Wow Chuckles: Are you prayer that it happens? What a GOP ass kissing, little turd!

VA ACLU sounds voter suppression alarms over phone calls telling Dems to go to wrong polling place.

So, what will be done to the people responsible? NOTHING, as usual. SO SICK OF THIS SHIT!

So, I don't know VA politics very well. Who will win tomorrow: Northam or Gilesspe?

Has anyone seen the new Bruce Rauner ad in Illinois?

It features 3 neighboring Govenors, including the Koch owned Scott Walker thanking (aka blaming) Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan for their states success.

What Bill Shit! Rauner has done literally nothing as governor except plunge the state in billions in debt by refusing to pass a budget for 2 years and WI, IN and MO workers have suffered under these GOP governors.

If it were me, I would counter with an ad featuring workers from the 3 states stating how "Right to Work" has fucked them over.

If Robert Mueller uncovers a vast conspiracy that includes most of the GOP leadership

will he reveal all or limit the scope to just the Trump people?

The Latest Jefferson Beauregard Sessions BS

After lying 3 times under oath, now GOP apologists are saying "He flatly rejected the idea of a proposed meeting with Putin."

That doesn't change the fact that he has lied under oath. (Something that would put you and I in jail)

Remember when the Republicans piously told us during the Lewinski scandal that it wasn't about sex, rather, the "rule of law" and "lying under oath?"

I asked a conservative this question yesterday. It was fun to see them stamper and then yell about uranium sales! Checkmate!
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