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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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If the Al Franken gropping is real, he should resign as soon as:

Roy Moore drops out and President Trump resigns!

Do I approve of this if true? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

However, I am sick of Democrats being held to one standard and Republicans to another!

Sean Hannity is such a joke!

Now he is against Judge Roy Moore? Earlier he talked about Moore with the girls being "consensual." I wonder if that applies to Hannity's 16 year old daughter?

Hats off to NY Rep Hakeem Jeffers!

He did in the House what Al Fraken has done to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions in the Senate!

Is anyone getting sick of indigant, Southern gentelman act whenever someone DARES to call out Sessions for the lies he corrects only when he is caught in one?

How did Roy Moore get as far as he did?

Banned from a mall for scouting out teens? A real predator! It boggles the mind!

Can someone please explain this:

If US Senators are appointed by governors to fill vacancies, why is there a Senate election in Alabama?

We all know a state may not secede from the union,

but, if the US can expel a state, I nominate Alabama to be the first!

The abhorrent support of Roy Moore should be just cause!

I want to see Putin whisper into Trump's ear at a state dinner,

"Jump up and down and sing the Hymm to the Soviet Union" and him do It!

Wouldn't this be a good time to revisit Trump's credible child rape allegations?

It still bothers the hell out of me that he patentedly false and absurd Pizzagate got more media attention then did the Trump/Epstein incident.

One of the Democrats main priorities for 2018 is developing a plan to counter voter suppression

1. Hire buses to take people in low income areas to get the necessary IDs and make sure they are good to go on election day!

2. Old time precinct captains; door to door, neighbor by neighbor, making sure people are aware of BS GOP deadlines, so people are not cut off of voting.

3. Media buys explaining how to avoid GOP tricks, such as wrong voting locations or dates.

4. Create an elite legal squad in every state that can pounce once the GOP tries their illegal shit.

We can win BIG in 2018, even with a counter offensive of evil shit that will be attempted by the Republicans by out smarting them vote by vote!

If President Obama had kissed China's ass & blamed past administrations for the trade imbalances

Here is how Fox News would have reacted:

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