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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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I have mixed feelings about porn

No agenda here; I am just curious what people think about porn's impact on men.

For some, It's fantasy and a sexual outlet.

However, does porn make some men think It's OK to whip it out in front of women in hopes that it will lead to something?

I know it's s a power thing; Weinstein, Louis CK, etc. , but I cannot fathom why any man would think unannounced masturbation would lead to sex.


OMG: Keith Oblermann just showed the rest of the pictures from the 2006 USO tour!

You have probably seen LeAnn Tweeden grabbing the guitarist ass, but have you seen her kissing a surprised soldier clean on the mouth?


Shame on so many here on DU who believed her simply because she s a women and shame on her for making the women in this world who are really harassed on a daily basis not believed!

Until President Trump resigns and Roy Moore drops out, Al Franken is going nowhere.

This new accuser has no proof and it is clear this is a rightwing smear job. I think Sessions may be behind it!

Anyone have a photo of Sean Hannity fucking a goat?

I would love to see that little GOP troll go down!

This whole LeAnn Tweeden thing was a set up and many of us on DU knew it from the start!

Seeing the smirking Jefferson Beaurrgard Session joke about Russia was sickening

But the roar of laughter from the Federalist Society was disgusting beyond words.

Robert Mueller is the last hope of this once great nation otherwise were are completely done!

Politics is a contact sport. My question is:

Republicans are known for having a nasty playbook. Can anyone tell me what the Democrats playbook is?

Maybe we should have our own playbook instead of defensively always reacting to Republican moves.

I'd like to see if LeAnn Tweeden cashed a large check or is driving a new Mercedes.

Given the Roger Stone/Sean Hannity connection, I wouldn't discount it! This whole thing stinks!

To anyone who thinks Al Franken should resign, I ask only this:

Are you out of your FUCKING MINDS????..

1. It's a false equivalency to what Roy Moore and Donald Trump have done.

2. Do you really think a Republican would resign if they shoe was on the other foot?

3. This is a Sean Hannity/Roger Stone hit job that is only a sliver above what James O'Keefe would pull.

4. You fall for the "Republicans can do anything, yet a Democrat can't get away with anything" once again.

5. He sincerely apologized and she accepted. CASE CLOSED!

Could there possibly big a bigger hypocrite than Mitch McConnell?

1. Holds a meeting to block everything President Obama will do on his inauguration day in 2009, then blames Democrats for not "working with' Republicans when Trump is elected.

2. After uncontitutionally blocking Marrick Garland to the Supreme Court, he warned Democrats not to "obstruct" Trump judicial nominees.

Says NOTHING about Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Dan Burton, David Vitters, and 100 other GOP sexual harassers and mail lapses, but now wants a full probe of Al Franken's actions when he wasn't even in the Senate!

Seriously, I want to rage at this vile, soulless, compassless, asshole!

With Roy Moore and Donald Trump,

Can the Republicans really expect Al Fraken to resign? A

Also, I find the whole fishy.

1. Leann Tweeden has worked with Sean Hannity. Enough said!

2. Is he really touching her? I can't tell.

3. Is it Photoshopped?

Al needs to either apologize of refute this ASAP!
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