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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Impeachment Rallies Should Be Up Next!

We CANNOT sit by and let these bastards kill our democracy. How do we organize them?

No; I'm NOT being overly dramatic

James Comey uses his office to push a bogus reopening of the Hillary's email investigatoon a week before the election while at the same time sitting on blackmailing information that the Russian have on Trump.

Today the FBI announces there is nothing to a flurry of phone calls Tump advisor Flynn makes to Russia the day the President Obama announces sanctions on Russia and Trump rehires Comey as director of the FBI.


WTF: FBI Clears Flynn with Regards to Russian Phone calls?

We ARE living in a Banana Republic!

President Obama should have fired Comey before he left office!

I am confused about a 2018 Caroline Kennedy Senate Run:

There are two popular incumbent Democratic Senators in NY and MA. In what state would she run?

"Alternative Facts" make perfect sense

when you live in an alternative reality!

What will be the GOP tipping point against Benedict Donald?

Did they see the opposition yesterday? For self preservation they either are or should be, scared.

At what point would they throw the orange menace under the bus?

I have called Fox News Goebellsvision (After Dr. Joseph Goebells, Hitler's Propaganda Minister)

However, we should ALL call it FAKE NEWS!

Let's take a Trump/GOP talking point and TURN IT AGAINST THEM!

NBC just cut in with Breaking News about the Women's Rallies!

THANK LADIES! You have put Trump and tne GOP on notice, shown the strength of numbers, and may well have just save this nation from tyranny! i

You have awakened something that has been dormant for too long!

If it can be proven that James O'Keefe paid anyone to cause trouble

can we please put this little shit in jail?

How many times can he get away with his sleezy behavior?

Have you heard ANY Republican praise Trump 16 min American Carnage speech?

I don't watch Goebellsvision, aka Fox News, so I don't know what they are saying. Honestly, it was nothing more than a two bit campaign stump speech from a two bit used car salesman.

Maybe that's why Bubba likes him so much.
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