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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Is there anything more Brit Christopher Steel can do to shed light on Trump?

I know he is in hiding and Russians have been murdered, but he may be the last chance to expose the truth about Trump, Putin, and the GOP.

If they start a Muslim registery, what are you prepared to do?

When the Nazis made Jews in Belgium wear the Star of David, it was a failure at first because MANY Christians wore it.

I will register as a Muslin as a FUCK YOU to Trump, Bannon, and the Red Neck, slack jawed Trump supporters.

Who's with me?

My anger at tbe Democratic Party establishment is growing!

I know; they don't control anything, but GOD DAM IT: POLITICS IS PERCEPTION!

There a few, Maxine Waters comes to mind, but the overall coordinated opposition to this new American fascist regime is PATHETIC!

We are in real danger, folks! There should be a daily talking point, echoed by ALL, about how Trump is a threat to everything this nation stands for.

Think I'm wrong? What would the GOP be doing if the shoe was on the other foot?

Many Trump Supporters I know are subdued and quite these days

I think buyers remorse is setting in and it's only been a week!

DUMBASSES: Did they really think he would make America GREAT AGAIN?

So when do the Koch Brothers make the call to dump Trump and go with Pence?

I still believe they are the ones who really call the shots in the GOP, BIGLY!

Is it me or are the Democrats just rolling over again?

Jesus Christ: they should holding news conferences warning people that our democracy is at stake, but instead we get some Senators saying they will vote for Jeff Fucking Sessions for AG.

WTF: They don't even try!

Has anyone heard the Judicial Watch radio commercial in Illinois that attacks Sen Durbin?

It has two women complaining that Dick Durbin would be playing games with the Supreme Court if he blocks the nomination process. Then one of them says it was different in the middle of an election year!

I wanted to hit something I was so angry!


Anonymous, Post On DU about Friends in the FBI, British Tapes, Tom Arnold

I'm getting tired of people making claims about Trump, but then doing nothing. Either put up or shut up.

So many of us are praying for this man to be brought down in disgrace, but to make such claims and then not produce is just being toyed with.

If people had the goods on Trump, why didn't people go public BEFORE the election? I will believe it when I see it!

Why is requiring a person to pay for a state approved photo ID in order to vote not a poll tax?

Unless a state provides all its citizens with a free IDs, it's making people pay to vote.

Wear Red to Protest Betty De Vos as Sec of Education Today!

Supporters of Public Education unite!
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