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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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Fuck You Orin Hatch!

I've never seen anything like this Democratic obstruction in my 40 years in Congress.

Do you fucking expect us to believe that after the last 8 years?

Pushing Impeachment as we go along this year

I know; you've all told me the Democrats don't control anything and of course that's true.

However, we need to concentrate on the 40 least looney Republicans in the House from Blue states and keep reminding them we are watching and will not forget that they put party over America and the Constitution.

Based on Betsy De Vos' qualifications for Ed Sec, here are my SP Court Predictions

1. Franklin Graham
2. Jaime Diamond
3. Sean Hannity
4. Tiffany Trump
5. Scott Baio

Democrats Seize the Moment !

Tomorrow's talking point should be " All of this could lead to impeachment."

Keep repeating it over and over to let the idea resonate in the collective mind of the American public!

A Tell Tale Sign of How Badly Trump is Fucking Up

Let's see what the Asian Stock markets do this evening!

$100 Bucks says Trump names Judge William Pryor to the Supreme Court this week

He's the most extreme and inflexible. Money in the bank!

The GOP owns this Trump/Pence/Bannon Mess!

Republicans will publically start to denounce it, but privately do nothing and queitly continue to support it.

We can't let them get away this: THEY OWN IT! I

Put it around their necks let it weight them down all the way to 2018, assuming we still have elections in this country!

If we play Slim Wittman music directly at the White House, might their heads explode?

No wait; that was Mars Attacks!

Once of the last threads of our democracy is the internet

He soon until Trump, Pence, and Bannon shut it down?

I know many on DU don't care for sports analogies, but...

The Democratic Party needs a Chicago Cubs' Jason Heyward, game 7 moment.

The Cubs looked like there were about to blow it once again when Rajay Davis tied the game up with a late inning homerun. Every suffering Cubs fan had that same, sick feeling for the millionth time. AND then a mircalous rain delay happened.

On his own, Cubs CF, Jason Heyward, ordered everyone into a weight room and told his teammates that they had come too far and accomplish that too much to give up. They were not dead: We Can Do This!

After the rain delay, the Cubs came back with 2 runs and broke 108 years of suffering by winning game 7 and tbe World Series.

I want someone in the Democratic Party to be Jason Heyward! Pull your fellow Senators and Reps into the weight room and tell the Democratic Party has fought too hard to let Trump and the GOP destroy America. COME OUT UNIFIED AND SWINGING! WE CAN DO THIS BECAUSE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS ON OUR SIDE!

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