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Paul Edward Snyder

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Member since: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 04:21 PM
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Dancing with the Devil

His arm around her waist
Her hand upon his shoulder
Around the room
They spin

He whispers
Not endearments
Not the flattering tongue
Of the rogue he is
Being a man

But truth
A baring of the soul
He sings
A song of dread
And deep foreboding

A song of love
He never can truly feel
Being a man
But can idealize

As he bares his soul
His self
For her ears alone
To hear
Her eyes alone

To see
He says
I kill
I destroy
It is what I enjoy
It is what I am
Being a man

Her hand tightens
His arm relaxes
Her lips tighten
And in her eyes
He sees disgust

He bows his head
His eyes fixed on the floor
He chokes
The words
He cannot easily say
Being a man

There is something of you
Deep within me
That curbs my appetite
For seeing
And exulting in the pain of others

The terror I hear from them
While tearing
Limb from limb
And being a man
As their screams
Split apart the soft and silent fabric
Of the night

Through your eyes
Being a woman
I share their pain
And do not exult in it
But would allay it
Would prevent it

Heal it
Offer comfort
Soften my touch
No longer a man
Feel shame

For being a man
And doing what I do
Driven as I am
As a man

Her hand falls away
And rises to his cheek
He backs away
A bit
His arm lifts
To just below
Her shoulder blade

And around the room
They spin

She whispers
Not condemnations
Nor contempt
Of the rogue he is
Being a man
And she
A woman

But truth
Sharing her soul
She murmurs
Sweet sound of sympathy
And a warning of her own

Of objectivity
She cannot truly feel
Being a woman
But can idolize

She says
I do not bare my soul
I say what others want to hear
Commonality is my goal
I want to feel what others feel
And others to be like me
Or I like them

I say I understand
When I do not
I feel your pain
Being a woman
She says
I am who I am

Her hand tightens
His arm relaxes
His lips tighten
And in his eyes
She sees incomprehension
And just a bit
Of domineering disdain

She looks into his eyes
On her face
And realizes
He does not want to be understood
Being a man

There is something
Of him
Deep within her mind
That disturbs
A feeling that there is no feeling
In him
Being a man

And being a woman
There is nothing more comforting
Than the joy
Of sharing feelings with another
Of being one
Being cherished
The focus of another life

She bows her head
And being a woman
Tries to find some commonality
Some point at which they touch
To step outside herself
Which she cannot
Comfortably do

But being a woman
And somewhere
In a deep dark hidden place
A manly part
Struggling to speak
She tries
And tries
And tries

And thus
We have
The interplay
Of a predator
And its prey
Posted by Paul Edward Snyder | Sat Aug 9, 2014, 01:50 AM (0 replies)


Narcissism is an obsession with oneself. By focusing on the results of obsession, we are distracted from the cause, and as a result are unable to clearly see the real problem obsession, a tendency to which we are all susceptible and which many who are aware of this vulnerability are more than willing to use to exploit those who yield to it.

The most common and effective tool for fanning the flames of obsession is fear, and following close behind is hatred, but there are countless other stimulants; ideology, religion, causes, loyalty, (even patriotism, family, community, city, state can become obsessive), all commendable in moderation, but potentially destructive of ones self and others should they become obsessive.

Obsession is often confused with commitment. In fact obsession often begins with commitment. You might say that it is at times commitment out of control. And it is not limited to the Christian right, nor is it limited to the Church or to any other religion nor even to religion in general. It seems to lurk in the background of all of us, but there seems to be those who just naturally obsess about something and everything. Those are the ones who at the moment dominate the Republican Party. And there was a time, in the late thirties and early forties, when they had a huge influence on the Democratic Party.

The amusing and somewhat sad fact is that Conservative Republicans deliberately recruited these fanatics, financed them, trained them as organizers and sent them into the mainstream churches and other civic organizations to challenge just about everything loudly (to overwhelm or stifle with sheer noise more thoughtful responses) and repetitively (to evangelize a paranoid view of the world). The assumption was that the Party Leaders could control those with extreme views and win their support for the largess of their Republican benefactors. They failed to realize that fanatics will trample friend and foe alike should they impede their blind, stumbling progress down their delusional path..

Republicans never imagined that these obsessive radicals (This is the term used by Republicans to vilify Liberals, and it is very effective, because at one time this was pretty much what many Liberals were. It is also interesting that much of Republican Rhetoric is the same as much of the rhetoric of Democrats in the distant past, almost as if the obsessive radicals who besmirched the reputation of the Liberals of one era have renamed themselves Conservatives and are now besmirching the reputation of the Republican Party in this era) would prove ungovernable.

The remnants of those of true Conservative inclination, and of Republicans who remember their past with pride, are now in an uncomfortable position. In order to save the Republican Party from extinction they must vote secretly a straight Democratic ticket in this next election (but just this next election).
Posted by Paul Edward Snyder | Sun Aug 3, 2014, 05:24 PM (0 replies)
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