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Paul Edward Snyder

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Member since: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 03:21 PM
Number of posts: 15

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The Consequences of Identity

As the scum (Conservative Democrat) of whom you speak, I feel a need to respond to your rant. In spite of my limited IQ, I will try to formulate a coherent retort.

Seriously, you make some really good points once the strong emotion is separated from the insight, but you share some common misconceptions. Very few members of the GOP today are actually Conservatives in spite of claims to the contrary.

The word Conservative (conserve) is the key to its definition. We are wary of fixing things that are not broken. Obsessive Conservatives want no change at all as long as society can limp along, just as obsessive Liberals want radical change immediately without considering the consequences. I myself and most real Conservatives I know just want things to work.

The philosophy of the GOP today, it appears to me, is Anarchy. They seem dead set on bringing down the government. If it weren't for Obama, of whom I am not a great fan, they could very well have succeeded by now; first by freeing corporations of legal restrictions (setting loose the Hounds of Hell) and second by declaring these Corporations to be human, with human rights but without human responsibility for their actions and their money, words deserving the status of freedom of speech. In effect they (with the support of the Supreme Court) have created a sort of Pagan Pantheon of Gods.

The fact that you seem to be invalidating your justified outrage and frustration by trying to fight hate (which the GOP is using quite effectively) is unfortunate. And your suggestion (that those of us with limited intelligence and a demonic image forced upon us by those using our identity and past reputation of balance and fair leadership to hide their attacks on the very foundations of our American ideals be exterminated like the inferior despicable infestation that we are in your mind) is kind of scary.

In fact it sounds a lot like today’s GOP. If you are serious, Anarchy (the society these fake Conservatives seem to be preaching) has won.
Posted by Paul Edward Snyder | Mon Jul 7, 2014, 05:18 PM (1 replies)

Age Related

The title of your response to my reply to kjones’ post “On moderation and the middle (wo)man” seems to suggest that because of my advanced age I should not interfere in the activities of those less advanced inasmuch as the world has left me behind.

I have read your most recent post and found it well thought out and convincing. It verifies, I would argue, that Democrats (I assume you are a Democrat) are today what Conservatives were in the distant past (the time of my prime). I find that I agree wholeheartedly with your reasoning.

I, therefore, find it difficult to believe that you are biased against age. Just because I find it difficult to believe, of course, does not mean you aren’t, Very intelligent people in the past have proven to be racist, so age-bias is still a possibility.

Could you, perhaps, explain the title a little more clearly?
Posted by Paul Edward Snyder | Thu Jul 3, 2014, 05:53 PM (0 replies)

The Male Conservative Democrat and the Liberal Female

I was born Conservative in a Liberal family. There was no animosity, and though we disagreed on just about everything, we respected one another, listened, responded with carefully thought out facts and interpretation of those facts. My interpretation was accepted and modified to fit their perspective and I also modified mine. They did not become Conservative, nor did I become Liberal, but they did become more reasonable as did I.

I should mention at this point that at the time, though the Roosevelt Administration had toned down the rhetoric of the most fanatical Liberals, many were still obsessed with immediate change

My family, of course, were Democrats, having a basically Liberal (Moral) perspective . I became a Republican, which at that time was a bastion of Conservative (Ethical) behavior. However, when Richard Nixon (who I still consider one of our best presidents) displayed some serious character defects (definitely not ethical), it became evident that Republicans, strongly influenced by the John Birch Society, were straying from the Conservative path.

Democrats, I noticed, had, over the years, moved towards a more ordered and well thought out (Conservative [more correctly perhaps Progressive]) attitude.

I therefore joined the Democratic Party since it appeared more Conservative than the Republican Party, though not nearly as Conservative as I. Over the ensuing years my evaluation of the two parties appears to have been proven correct as Democrats have become, for the most part, more reasonable (Ethical) and the Republican Party has become more fanatical (adopting some really strange moral [evangelical] standards).

For the most part, I have found the Democratic Party remarkably accepting, though argumentative even when I agree with them when I identify myself as a conservative.

Not a problem, but amusing.

I think there may be pretty much the same problem between genders. It seems to me that there is a much more serious communication problem between men and women than we are comfortable with recognizing.
Posted by Paul Edward Snyder | Wed Jul 2, 2014, 11:45 AM (3 replies)
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