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Hometown: I live in Florida
Home country: I grew up in Indana
Current location: I currently live in Florida
Member since: Thu Jun 26, 2014, 12:20 PM
Number of posts: 658

About Me

I'm in my 50's. I served 6 years in the Air Force. I've worked in the following fields: Military; Civilian Meteorologist; Dial-Up Internet Service Provider; Equipment Rental; Information Services; Currently working as an electrician. Married for just over 30 years. Was a registered Republican for the first election I was involved in and voted for Reagan. I changed my affiliation afterward and have voted Democrat ever since. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. Any person that promotes a platform that supports the greatest portion of the American people is a person that I can support. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

Journal Archives

Bernie vs. Hillary

I honestly do believe that Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination, and that he will win in the next general election... MEANING... Bernie will be our next president.

I absolutely believe that Hillary Clinton, while being a very decent person... a fine individual, and someone who has devoted the greater part of her life to public service, will lose the nomination in 2016 to Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton absolutely deserves our respect, but her positions just don't represent the problems that we - the American middle, and lower classes are facing.

She is going to lose. I understand that this concept is just not acceptable to some. And for that, and that alone, I apologize.

Rachel Maddow's blast from the past

Again, hope this hasn't been posted before.

This is great...

Hope it hasn't been posted before..

Go Bernie!!

Ok to the moderators... I just donated.

$100 bucks

And purchased 2 $10.00 magnets.

Go Bernie!!

Just donated

$100 bucks

And purchased 2 $10.00 magnets.

Go Bernie!!

I worked for this man for 7 years...

I once was called to an "emergency" conference call where it was announced that 350 people were being "laid off". "Laid off" means fired. Just to be clear.

What if... WHAT IF!!!!!!! He'd have taken a small pay cut himself? What if?

Could some of those jobs have been saved?


Just saying.


Go Bernie.

The right is wrong. The center just sucks.

A vote for anything other than the left is simply wrong.

Go Bernie.

Conversations I had today

1. About college basketball

My neighbor is from Kentucky and was talking about how dominating their basketball team was over the past decade or so. I asked him what conference Kentucky was in. He didn't understand the concept of the word "conference". He's told me recently that he will be voting for Ted Cruz.

2. About Bernie Sanders

At a hockey game this evening, I spoke with a fairly decent social contact of mine. He's a hard-core conservative (not sure he really knows what conservatism means.... but that's what he claims anyway).... He was making comments about the "freeloaders" etc... he mentioned to me that he was some sort of authority since his family was on welfare when he was a child and his father wanted nothing more than to get off of welfare... whatever... But "freeloaders"... I let him know that I lost my mother at the age of 4, my father at the age of 8, that I was on my own at the age of 17, and that I knew a little about being poor.

I mentioned Bernie. He said... "I really like the things that he's saying, but he's un-electible". I asked why. His response was "He's a socialist and the republicans will eat him up on that point".

I stated very quickly that the United States was... in fact... a Social Democracy, and that we would be nothing without the social programs that we've had in place for decades. Further... I stated that if the "anti-socialists" really wanted to avoid electing a Socialist, they should support a non-taxed society... No taxes at all. He mentioned something about ending payroll tax and going to an all sales tax system... I quickly called bullshit and objected to the over-taxing of the middle and low income. I can't remember the entire rant, but I made comments about CEO's and their greed. More about McKesson (the company I used to work for) and the CEO of that company who laid off - FIRED - about a thousand people while I worked for him. All-the-while being the highest paid CEO in America... 140 million a year (yes.. 140 million). I mentioned how he could easily have taken a 1 million dollar a year pay cut and have saved many of those jobs, but because he was greedy... well.. you get my point. The discussion got fairly heated... I let him know that we weren't having an argument, but rather a disagreement. That I did, in fact, like him, and that we should probably pick up the conversation some time later.... and away from the game - AND at a time when I hadn't had a couple of beers in me. I look forward to our future discussion.

Anyway... to the point. I mentioned Bernie several times. EVERY TIME I MENTIONED BERNIE.. this hard core conservative said that he liked what Bernie was saying, but that he didn't think he was electable. I said.. every time... that he INDEED was electable, and that he absolutely was going to be our next president. He seemed receptive.

3. A complete idiot setting behind me said "I don't care what anybody says, this economy is shit. "Shit" was his word, not mine.

I just had to ask him how many televisions he had in his house. How many cars he had in his family.... If he'd ever gone a day without at least 3 meals. We spoke about several things, including his assessment of President Obama, and how he was a horrible president. I let him know that President Obama WOULD go down in history as being one of the greatest presidents of all time. He asked how I could say that. I stated "The Affordable Healthcare Act" for one. The guy came un-hinged and started spewing all of the hate points from talk radio and Fox ... "News??". I ended up saying... "No.. you're wrong.. that's incorrect... No... No, and ..... No" several more times. I finally stopped him and said we should really watch the game. One thing to mention about this particular conversation. I mentioned Bernie Sanders. This guy admitted that he didn't know anything about him. That he needed to research the candidates before he would be able to make a decision about who to vote for. I really just wanted to end my discussion with the guy. He was a total... TOTAL idiot.

I absolutely came away from this day believing that I had involved myself with 3 very different, uneducated, or brainwashed individuals.

Oh yeah... I live in Milton, FL. A small city just outside of Pensacola in the Panhandle of Florida.
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