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Name: NotAvailable
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: I live in Florida
Home country: I grew up in Indana
Current location: I currently live in Florida
Member since: Thu Jun 26, 2014, 12:20 PM
Number of posts: 658

About Me

I'm in my 50's. I served 6 years in the Air Force. I've worked in the following fields: Military; Civilian Meteorologist; Dial-Up Internet Service Provider; Equipment Rental; Information Services; Currently working as an electrician. Married for just over 30 years. Was a registered Republican for the first election I was involved in and voted for Reagan. I changed my affiliation afterward and have voted Democrat ever since. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. Any person that promotes a platform that supports the greatest portion of the American people is a person that I can support. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

Journal Archives

I've received my absentee ballot...

And I've already voted for Hillary, and have voted a straight Democratic ticket...

I was a Bernie supporter. Not a "Bernie Bro" by any stretch, but a Bernie supporter.

I really have to say this, and I'm sure I'm going to get some grief (a lot of grief I'm sure)...

Have you noticed that Since Bernie is no longer relevant to the election that the entire election has turned negative? Bernie avoided all things negative and focused primarily on the issues. I've had to stop watching the coverage... it makes me sick to my stomach.

We're so screwed as a country if we can't focus on the issues. We'd rather be angry and scared all of the time than focus on the task at hand. We're a reality television, celebrity focused, my team is better than your team kind of people in this country... I'm speaking about the collective. Not about any individuals... I would rather hear a good debate about a single issue. One that lasted 4 hours about public education than hear one minute about Trump grabbing genitals or Clinton's emails.

Just an observation.

Just an observation

This evening when I navigated to the DU homepage. I noticed something that I have been noticing recently. The sheer number of posts with subject lines with the word "Trump" in them far outweighed the number of subject lines with the word "Clinton" in them. I do think I need to add that Obama at least got a solid 1.

I counted 38 Trump to only 8 Clinton.

And, the really sad thing is that issues don't seem to be subject matter. It seems that nearly every post related to the election is negative in context and not at all issue related.

Again. Just an observation.

I am a Hillary supporter... I will absolutely vote for Hillary in November

I'm not sure how to say it any clearer than that




Now... please don't hide my post or whatever the hell... Jesus.

She gets my vote. All of the Democrats get my vote in November. Goddamit!!!!!

We all watched the debate this evening. We all want Hillary to have won it outright and without any doubt. We all want the Democratic ticket to have won every vote as a result of her performance.

I for one don't believe that happened.

Not because she didn't make the best sense this evening, but for quite the opposite. I believe Donald Trump was under the influence of Cocaine or something of the sort and because of that, he had an edge. He didn't deserve to win.... he didn't even actually win... BUT... and I say BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're living in an America when he most likely did in the form of actual votes. Intellectually, he lost, but ... and keep in mind that we don't live in an America full of intellectuals... he was the most forceful and he did present himself in a way that the less intellectual found him to be more representative of their "feelings".

I think that... overall ... we lost this evening... in the form of VOTES, and not in the actual losing of the debate. Times have changed.

I'm saddened by that... and hide this post if you must... if you disagree... but that's my opinion.

I'm not a troll... I'm not a republican in disguise... I'm a Bernie follower as a matter of fact. I honestly believe that Bernie would have handed the Donald his hat in this debate, and that Hillary, although she won .. intellectually.. lost in the long run because she presented a weak front.

Keep in mind folks... Hillary and EVERY other Democrat on the ticket in November gets my vote 100%.

Sniff... sniff... sniff

I believe there needs to be a drug test before the next debate.

Just saying

Louis C.K. Smart guy, and very funny, but are you FUCKING KIDDING ME????

Just watched Louis C.K. beat two journalists on Jeopardy.

Is this an indication of where journalism is heading?


Love... Absolutely love Louis C.K., but come on!!!!!!!!

NY Primaries - An Observation


Just an observation. Hillary won only 13 of 62 counties in NY State. One of the counties that Bernie lost Brooklyn County. Ouch.

A good push through June is what we need.

Go Bernie!!

A black man in the white house???? Goodness!!!

Smokey.... well.

Any time...

A break from the primaries..

The Brainwashing of my Dad

Just finished watching it. Very well put together. A documentary that really should be watched by as many people as possible.
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