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C Moon

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 01:30 AM
Number of posts: 6,715

About Me

Musician. Podcaster. Production Artist. Live near the coast in Southern California. Vegan. A happy Aussie/German Shep mix owner.

Journal Archives

A friend of ours signed up for Obamacare...

She drives 50 miles each way for part time work. Her mom is on welfare.

She signed up with ACA and is paying $1 a month. She's permitted 3 visits per year, and the co-pay is $60.
I don't know about emergency care, etc.

Although I feel this doesn't cover much, before ACA, there is NO WAY Blue Cross, Kaiser, etc would have offered her something like this.
Hopefully, she can improve her income and find better health care, but at least she now has something.

After hearing her story, I am so hoping the public option will one day make it's way to the US. Another wish: I don't know if ACA deals with dental, but I feel dental insurance is so important, and the two should not be separated—I've never understood why dental and medical are separate.

Happy 4th of July (made it with 2 minutes until midnight)!
...although, my pup isn't happy on the 4th of July

My very best furry friend and firework fear: Thundershirt?

When fireworks start (and there are some loud M80 types months before and after the 4th around here) our pup paces, pants and wants to go to the garage to go into the car—probably wants us to drive her somewhere else.

Last year, we gave her the vet recommended medication, but I don't like how it just makes her limp. I read that the dog can still fear the fireworks, but just is unable to move.

Has anyone else used a Thundershirt with good results? I just now wrapped a back brace around her, and it didn't notice much difference in her reaction.

Thanks for any input DU'rs!

I am sooooo happy that right now...

we don't have a President McCain /VP Palin, or a President Romney /VP Ryan.

A chandelier that turns your room into a creepy forest. Saw this on FB and had to share. :)

This isn't a sales pitch, I saw this on FaceBook, and and thought it was great—that is, if you're into your room looking like a creepy forest, which I am. Either way, it's some very creative work by the artist.


If I'm breaking a DU rule, please let me know and I'll delete. I love sharing things I like on DU, that's all.

Someone took our Sunday paper today. That is all. :)

...yes, we still have a paper delivered.
We told the L.A. Times online, so we will get 2 papers tomorrow—hopefully not both Monday editions. :O

(I guess I should have put this silly post in the DU lounge).

Tea Bagger talk.

I was at the gym on a cardio-machine (sorry if I sound stupid for posting a gym story).
While on the machine, I was watching CNN's story on the Kennedy assassination.

My focus was broken by a voice to my right. I looked over and a guy who looked to be in his late 50's, sloppy, disheveled was spouting out something in my direction (I only bring his appearance up because later he started using obscene language regarding females, as if he were something special). At first I thought maybe he had a mental disorder and was not saying anything in particular; but after listening to him, I realized he was referring to "Kennedy and PT109."

I looked at him strange, and said, "What are you talking about?"
He kept spouting out information...."Kennedy had to rescue those men from the PT109 because he had been partying the night before and screwed up because he was hungover. It's true! But you won't hear CNN talk about it. They can talk all they want about the assassination. But he was a fuck up."

I turned back to the tv and ignored him. He added a few more things, as he climbed on the machine next to me. Then he said, "Well, he WAS the best thing the Democrats have come up with." I guess he realized I wasn't inline with his views.

I looked over at him and said, "I don't want to hear your politics, mister!"
He mumbled, "Well..."

Five minutes later, someone he apparently knew walked up to him, and they began talking rudely about women, and then went on to talk about guns, and ended with "forming a militia."

I moved to another area of the gym.

Right wing folks are always more vocal about their beliefs. It's very annoying.
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