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C Moon

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 01:30 AM
Number of posts: 6,727

About Me

Musician. Podcaster. Production Artist. Live near the coast in Southern California. Vegan. A happy Aussie/German Shep mix owner.

Journal Archives

Now that this is pretty much over, Trump will go after Mueller.

Don't laugh...


It's hard to believe the future of the United States comes down to one day.

I hope everyday that SOMETHING has been done to change our voting system since the 2016 Russian robbery.
But I certainly haven't heard or read that anything has been done.

Crazy Trump dream.

Dreams are boring to the listener, I know. And I apologize in advance..

But last night I dreamed I had bought an old duplex type building. It was beat up bad inside/out.

I showed up to see what the restoration crew was going to do, and found that Trump was leading the restoration.

He had just arrvied and was looking at a beat to hell sink. "Good things people these days like to keep these old fixtures in place. That'll save time and money."

Then he bent over and was playing with some huge electrical box. "How do I get this thing open?"
I was getting worried.

Then he went into another room. There was another beat-to-hell sink, and he reiterated his lie about "people wanting to keep the old fixtures in place..."

That's where it ended.

It's nice to be working...

but it's tough doing graphics work for a control-freak, condescending boss.
I miss my old job.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

We are at war.

Mueller is our general, and the FBI is our army.
God, I hope I'm not putting too much faith in Mueller and the FBI—but I know I am. I feel that's all we have.
Every other week, I can read between the lines, and see Putin slipping in new attacks—it's obvious to me by the sudden changes in plans, lies, and attacks by our right wing criminals. It changes week to week: "Well, that lie didn't work..."
And now Putin has a one-time Texas governor eating out of his hand.

But let me add that we have some frigging AMAZING judges trying to keep the U.S. Constitution alive, as well.

Long live the U.S. Constitution!

Does anyone else see Trump's days as sitting in a big room watching Fox "news"...

cursing, cheering and Tweeting?
Well, he wasn't really elected into that office anyway, so why should anything be expected of the turd.

Scary stuff: The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History


Crippled ports. Paralyzed corporations. Frozen government agencies. How a single piece of code crashed the world.

It was a perfect sunny summer afternoon in Copenhagen when the world’s largest shipping conglomerate began to lose its mind.

The headquarters of A.P. Møller-Maersk sits beside the breezy, cobblestoned esplanade of Copenhagen’s harbor. A ship’s mast carrying the Danish flag is planted by the building’s northeastern corner, and six stories of blue-tinted windows look out over the water, facing a dock where the Danish royal family parks its yacht. In the building’s basement, employees can browse a corporate gift shop, stocked with Maersk-branded bags and ties, and even a rare Lego model of the company’s gargantuan Triple-E container ship, a vessel roughly as large as the Empire State Building laid on its side, capable of carrying another Empire State Building–sized load of cargo stacked on top of it.

That gift shop also houses a technology help center, a single desk manned by IT troubleshooters next to the shop’s cashier. And on the afternoon of June 27, 2017, confused Maersk staffers began to gather at that help desk in twos and threes, almost all of them carrying laptops. On the machines’ screens were messages in red and black lettering. Some read “repairing file system on C:” with a stark warning not to turn off the computer. Others, more surreally, read “oops, your important files are encrypted” and demanded a payment of $300 worth of bitcoin to decrypt them.

I wonder what's going on in the Kremlin at this time.

It's probably as dark as the White House.

The Dems need to focus A LOT of attention on protecting our voting system--and making it THE NEWS.

Maybe something is going on behind the scenes, but from what I can tell NOTHING has been done to protect the integrity of our voting system since Russia helped Trump, McConnell, Ryan (and a host of others) into power.

As long as the GOPutin machine controls the house, senate and president, no charges will EVER be brought against traitors. They'll keep changing laws to suit their selfish needs.
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