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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
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leading cause of death for kids in the United States.

It's mind bogling.

Firearms became the leading cause of death for American children and teenagers in 2020, according to researchers who analyzed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.

This sad fact represents a major shift in risks for young people in the U.S. For over 60 years, car accidents were the leading cause of death for kids and teens. Car accidents are now number two, while drug overdoses are number three.


cawthorn screwed up big time

he pissed off enough of the gop that they are out to destroy him not just run him out of congress.

When they needed it , they had no problems unearthing all sorts of scandals that Cawthorn was implicated in. From sexual escapades to crypto fraud, staffing issues, etc..

My working hypothesis is that most if not all the deplorables ( boebert, gossar, Gaetz, etc...) have similar scandals in their background. It's practically a requirement to be a magat .

I hope these deplorables get the same treatment.

Was not Musk's twitter financing based on

Tesla not dropping more than 40 % ? It's now at 39 or so. That might sink the whole deal since the other backers can now relinquish the financing and leave him to hold the bag.

msnbc needs to upgrade their magic board computer.

Kornacky is trying to annotate it and that thing is slow as molasses.

I will be dammed !

I was sure Cawthorne would cry fraud and not concede. It's reported that he just called his opponent and did so.

Chris Hayes made a very good point regarding the ability of the GOP

to rid their ranks of people they find despicable. Case in point, Cawthorn.

If they have let the ultra Maga take their party its entirely because of their cowardice. Had they pushed back against MTG, Boebert or the like earlier they would have been able to avoid the takeover.

any minute now cawthorn is going to tweet his election was stolen.

he is going to contest it for sure.

It's looking like Cawthorne might get axed..

So far the returns aren't good for him. Could not happen to a more deserving chap.

Reality versus beliefs. Why the disconnect ?

Despite all the evidence that democrats are managing the economy better and typically, are saddled with fixing the screwups of the previous republican administration, I have yet to encounter a single republican who believes that.

Every time I point this out, they think I am lying. If I pull out my cellphone and show them the graphs from government records, they resort to "its fake news".

Where have we gone so wrong in the messaging that it is now a gospel for many that democrats waste money while republicans are good for the economy ?

Can we figure out how the Republicans own messaging and use the same tactics ?

Question: what is stopping the Supreme Court to rule the country ?

What they decide can't be appealed.

They are a separate entity.
In theory they could use their power to rule like a king would .

What mechanism is there to stop this ?

Were the founders thinking it could never happen because only people of impeccable morals and credentials would be sitting on it ?

It looks like we have many loopholes like that in our constitution.
For example, what is to stop a president ( like Trump) to do anything they want if they also control congress and the judiciary?
Is it just norms ?

This appears to be the case and Trump and his ilk no longer fear exploiting it.
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