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drray23's Journal
drray23's Journal
February 21, 2021

how to get a stray to use the litter box

So we now have taken in Phryne. As you may have seen in my previous post she is a 9yr old female stray cat. Gentle and affectionate. Only issue is that we have yet to get her to use a litter box. Any tips on how to facilitate that ?

Update 2/25:
The evening after I started to use unscented litter mixed with Dr Elsey's attractant she started to go to the box!

February 20, 2021

they are still messing with the $1400 check.

Just heard on MSNBC that the numbers had changed the past few hours. This was by a member of congress being interviewed. No more details that I could gather.

February 19, 2021

democrats versus republicans response on texas

I have seen reports of AOC and Beto o'Rourke both raising money and/or organizing efforts to help texans, Biden activated fema and signed an emergency declaration.

Meanwhile Cruz is flying to Cancun, a texas mayor had to resign after be berated his citizens for needing help and the governor is trying to blame the green new deal.

Who the hell can keep saying with a straight face that both party are the same and voting does not matter ?

February 19, 2021

update on stray cat rescue


so we brought her to vet today. We were surprised to find she is 9 to 10 yr old . She had been spayed before. The vet did not find any chip. That poor kitten probably got abandoned. She tested negative for feline leukemia which is great.

Vet found she had a rotten tooth so she removed it. She also has some skin dermatitis. Its not contagious and can be easily remedied with meds. A bit of cataract in one eye and a minor heart murmur. Vet gave her all the shots, dewormed her. We got her a nice flea colar ( we use Soresta , it works really well in our area) , a bed and a cat litter box.

No wonder she was done wanting to live outside and kept meowing at us until we took her in. She is a senior cat and was in 20F temps at night.

So she is home hiding under a china cabinet . Our bigger male cat is too fat to get to her so she has a safe space.

I guess she will slowly come out given time. When we are not monitoring , we keep the door closed to avoid having the other cat laying siege to the spot where she is hiding and scaring her.

He is getting used to her smell.

update 02/19.

we opened the door to the room. other cat zooms in to go to the kitchen where we keep the treats , realizes the other cat is in the way, put the brakes on, slide 90 degrees aside to dodge her and carries on...
Apparently no animosity , they are respecting each other's boundaries.

February 18, 2021

Touch down!

perseverance safely on the ground !

February 17, 2021

In Chicago if you do not remove the snow efficiently as a mayor or alderman

you get voted out. I wonder if Texans are going to turn on their governor in particular and the gop in general because of that debacle ? It has been steadily going towards blue each election cycle. Is it the event that will tip off the scales next election ?

February 11, 2021

Do the impeachment managers have time for rebuttal ?

They are very effectively making the case. If Trump lawyers who go next manage to murk the waters will the impeachment managers have time for rebuttal ? Will there be closing arguments like in a criminal trial ? How is it setup ?

February 8, 2021

Introducing a soon to be former stray cat to my house cat

So, the past few weeks a young stray cat has been getting closer and closer to us. We have been feeding her outside and she now jumps on our lap when we sit on the porch, loves to be patted.

We are planning to get her to the vet next week to get her shots and have her spayed. After this is done, we dont want to leave her outside in the cold recovering from the procedure so we will take her in. How would you introduce a new cat to your existing cat?

For what its worth, they have been looking at each other through the french doors and they seem more curious than aggressive towards each other.

on edit: here is a pic of her

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