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drray23's Journal
drray23's Journal
August 29, 2017

i am ambiguous regarding private citizen rescues

First of, let me state that of course it is a life saver for many people and that volunteers who help on their own time with their boats, vehicles, etc are to be praised.

What I am conflicted about is what this reveals. Are we being groomed to expect that the government wont be able to provide these basic needs and that one has to pull oneselves by the bootstraps ?

Trump already indicated he wanted to cut the budget for noaa, the cost guards, fema, etc.. When asked recently why he is not staffing federal agencies adequately he replied that its by design as they are trying to shrink the government.

Back in the context of the texas disaster, I did not hear that fema had even prepositioned assets beforehand.
You would think getting high water vehicles and boats is something that could have been planned ahead of time for example.

August 28, 2017

wtf they are forecasting harvey going back to sea

strenghtening, and then making another landfall, this time directly heading towards houston.

August 26, 2017

Omg. This expert is saying that the hurricane is going to dump the equivalent of three

Mississippi River on the state constantly for 5 days. That's a gigantic amount of water.

August 18, 2017

with bannon out gorka and miller and the likes dont have

somebody to protect them anymore. I dont think Gorka will last long. He is hated by many in the west wing.

August 16, 2017

very powerful speech on msnbc by a black minister.

its chilling. she is recounting what happened saturday night at the church as they were surrounded by torch bearing racists.

August 15, 2017

found a better link.

its around 7:25. indeed, it does sound like us. You guys judge for yourself. Its in response of a question about what mccain said.
August 12, 2017

So they are looping the same footage over and over of protesters clashing against each other

To make the case it was violence on "both sides". What about showing pics and footage of white supremacists doing the Nazy salute or yelling heil trump why wearing maga hats ?

There is so much footage of blatantly racist stuff, all they can show are people tugging at a protest sign..

August 12, 2017

its hard to organize.

I am a little depressed here. For days we have been working hard getting ready for today. Here in Virginia, we have elections november 7 of this year. Its not only gubernatorial, its also for state house delegates.

Usually, we struggle to even get candidates. This year we had three dems competing. Our candidate Rebecca Colaw (hd 64) is excellent. She has been really engaged, knocking doors, going to meet people everywhere.

Her opponent has little experience other than having a R besides her name. We feel we can win it.

So, big mobilization. I secure an office, access to the VAN and work with other volunteers to setup canvassing. We have a regional organizer coordinating all of us. This morning its a rainstorm of epic proportion in all the locations where we have field organizers. Nobody shows up...

We are going to try for next week but it is really hard to get even strong democrats to come and canvass. Those that do volunteer they just want to sit and place phone calls. In order to really make a difference you have to pound the pavement...

Not sure how to motivate people even though many sound fired up compared to previous off years. Oh well, time to think up of more creative ways ..

August 3, 2017

whoaa could not believe what i heard.

nicole wallace is discussing the statement by medvedev saying that Trump got outplayed by congress and is weak and impotent. She said that it got to hurt because we know how much he cares about the size of his ears...😁😁😁

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