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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,937

Journal Archives

is Jones in for 6 years or in play in 2018 ?

I cant find a straight answer to that. Is he going to have to run again in nov 2018 ?

eheh every major outlet called it and kornacki is still flailing around.nt.

Nyt calls it for jones.nt

strange that msnbc vote count is always behind nyt and others

by several percentage points in counted votes.

malcom nance on hope hicks "she was in the room for a number of activities"

That quote is a keeper...

tune in on rachel. incredible stories of women who ran and won

Listening to it will give you goose bumps. Out of 16 seats we flipped, 11 are women. Rachel showed the stories of two of them who ran and won despite incredible personal challenges. One lost her brother a couple days after she had declared, the other found out she was pregnant with twins. 3 weeks after announcing for primary. She kept going, had her two babies prematurate (23 weeks) and every evening she would be at the hospital while campaigning during the day.

interesting correlation in virginia

Now, it may just be a case of causation without correlation but this is the first election in many years that we had paper ballot in virginia. It was ordered by the courts recently and they got rid of every machine.

Remember this pattern where the dem leads a couple points in the polls and then lose to the repub every single fucking time on election day.. Well this time it went the other way. Makes you wonder....

why are they ruining the night by having donna brazile on msnbc ?

She is bragging at how she was down there in virginia to fundraise and motivate the troops. You would think they could have invited somebody else to ask them about the future direction of the party

Trump jr is cooked

The russian lawyer is saying that when the meeting ended, Trump jr told her that if they (Trump) come to power they will see what they can do about the magnitsky act. Basically a flagrant case of collusion.
She is ready to testify to congress and Mueller under oath.

whom do think Mueller will take into custody monday ?

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