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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,953

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hillarious. apparently Rachel Maddow is a must watch at ottisville prison.

Cohen was saying that they all woukd watch Rachel at ottisville and nobody would dare changing the channel.

are they covering the rnc convention more or am i mistaken ?

there were hours of coverage earlier today and then it keeps going this evening . I thought the dnc convention was only covered from 9 to 11pm eastern every day.

it went without a hitch.

there is something to be said for a virtual convention. no crazy antics like in 2016.

so basically rachel is doing her best

to convince everybody that we have sunk to the level of belarus or north korea and that Trump will be reelected.. A bit hyperbolic.

COVID is starting to explode in India too. Its going to surpass the 50M from the 1918 flu pandemic

We are over 18M worldwide. Its now getting really bad in populous countries like India where many rural areas are lacking adequate healthcare. I fear this means its going to be here to stay for years to come with such a vast amount of affected people, many of which wont have rapid access to whatever vaccine we develop.

watching the recovery of the space x capsule

one of the recovery boats passed by with a trump 2020 flag. wtf ?
whomever did that should be shit canned.

President Obama gave a stirring speech for John Lewis eulogy

He was as fiery as I ever seen him. Amongst other things he made it clear we are in an existential crisis with democracy at stake.

He was blunt and said that in order to create a just society and achieve what rep Lewis fought all his life for, we should get rid of the senate filibuster. This is a big boost because some fellow democrats were hesitant about doing it fearing future backslash.
Obama's call to take bolt steps will make it happen and energize our base even further.

canceling flights to europe via Delta was painless.

So, my wife and I had a planned travel to Paris that we booked back in march scheduled for July 26. With the COVID situation and the fact Europe wants to keep us out, I phoned Delta to cancel. I was expecting hours of waiting on the line and having to argue tooth and nails. Nope, within 5 minutes I was routed to an agent who offered me the option of a credit (voucher for rebooking before sept 2022) or a full refund. Pleasantly surprised given the horror stories that people have regarding trying to rebook or cancel.

edit: the phone number to call to directly do that (rather than having to go through reservations or customer service) is 800 847 0578

Nothing really interesting in Rachel's interview with Mary Trump.

I mean she kept harping on the point Trump is racist. So what ? We know that and have known for decades, no scoop there. The story about cutting the medical support for a family member is also widely known.

Holy Mackerel! Florida Kids are already carrier of the Virus.

and they want to reopen the schools ???

Florida health officials have identified a troubling trend; approximately 31 percent, or one-third, of children in Florida tested for COVID-19 yield positive results, according to the Sun Sentinel.

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