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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,118

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President Biden is very skilled.

He is several steps ahead of the republicans. He is phoning senators and reps and working behind the scenes to enact his agenda. Thats what skilled politicians do. Apparently he is working on Collins which I think is a good strategy with a 50/50 senate. As Jen Psaki said on Rachel tonight he is wielding the possibility of passing some of the legislation via reconciliation if needs be. Schumer , Biden and Pelosi are more than capable of outplaying the gop.

Bam !!!

McConnell is folding. He agreed to the rules.

Leader Schumer seems to have a plan regarding the passage of the rules of organization.

When Rachel asked him if McConnel could fillibuster the rules he said his caucus is united in not giving up to McConnel all the way to the most conservative members of the caucus. When she pressed he smiled and said stay tuned. He seem really confident. Thats a good sign.

on edit : as of 924pm mcconnel yielded and agreed to the rules.

interesting. 100 million vacinations first 100 days. at first they said it was too ambitious.

now that the Biden administration is running the show you start having people criticizing that for not being ambitious enough 🤯

its good to have a solid number as a target. If it can be more even better and im sure they will ramp up if they can but i find it ridiculous to start taking shots at Biden after 2 days on the job.

daily presidential schedule.

I know its released to the press pool every day. However, is there a link somewhere to access them ? I have not found it on whitehouse.gov so far. Anybody knows where to read them ?

Cleanup on aisle 13 ...

Looks like Biden is not wasting time cleaning house. So far he has fired the white house usher, the head of the NLRB , put the nsa guy michael elis on ice, who knows how many more.

I am glad he is clear eyed on the fact he cant trust anybody who was installed by Trump.

So what now ? Are we supposed to start bickering amongst each other

about which policy the Biden administration should do, not do, did not do fast enough, not progressive enough, too progressive, etc... ?

I hope we can enjoy the moment and move towards positivity. For the past four years most posts were about some catastrophic failure or decision the Trump admin did. He is gone now, I look forward to interesting debates about the future of the country and support of the monumental tasks the Biden administration has to undertake.

So is president Biden going to camp in the Rose garden ?

Since Trump did not evacuate the white house ahead of time and they have to disinfect, I wonder where president Biden and his wife are going to be ? Blair house ?

are people that politically inept ?

The argument about having the senate trial later is beyond stupid. Once Trump is out, the sense of urgency is gone. The second we send the articles of impeachment ( that hopefully we will have voted on this week) to the senate, the gop senators will simply say its moot since Trump is out and turn the argument around saying democrats are playing politics. I can already see minority leader McConnel say that with a smug face

" Our friends on the other side of the aisle are more interested about scoring political points than doing the business of the country "

etc... cue in the bullshit

I am amazed at how little people know about the workings of government.

Even here on DU where we are interested in politics way more than the average citizen, we still have people not clear on what is required for various things such as impeachment and removal or how a bill is passed, what the speaker of the house or senate minority leader can actually do. How many posts did we have about how the democrats are not stopping this or that or doing this or that ignoring that its not possible unless you actually have the votes or control the chambers ?

Imagine what it must be in the general public that does not follow politics closely. Its a major issue for our country. Civic lessons need to be put back in school.
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