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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,123

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The consequences of a robust foreign policy.

Over the past few days we are starting to see what a competent administration conducting the foreign policy of the United States can do on the world stage.

No bluster, quiet and effective pressure using means we may never know. The outcome is Vladimir Putin having to back out twice in a week. First he pulled his troops back from the border with Ukraine, tonight he let Navalny be treated by civilian doctors.

None of these results were obtained via tweets or stupid comments. Just quiet, effective soft power application.

The adults are back in charge.

another euphemism. putting a suspect in a prone position.

In practice this means throwing the person on the ground face first and then yelling don't resist when they wriggle in pain.

nobody is commenting on the obvious racist trope that windsor, pd officer used

He said, you are fixing to ride the lightning son.
In the south , white people addressing black people by the moniker boy or son is an obvious racist trope. Not to mention he threatens to kill him in the same breath.
This is a few minutes from my house , I am so infuriated especially given that I already see rwingers making excuses. I almost got into a fist fight earlier today because of one such remark by some clueless asshole thinking I was a kindred spirit ( I am white) .

regarding Boulder shooting.

The way they handled this press conference is disgraceful. So apparently the only death that matters is that of the police officer. They did not even deign to say how many other victims.
They were lying to the press saying they dont know. It has been three hours.

Then they said they want to notify families first. That argument makes zero sense since they werent asked to name victims, just comfirm the extend of the shooting.

Its another instance were authorities are more interested in parading in front of cameras and congratule each other rather than inform people.

Senator Warren's testimony about her brother who died of covid

is very poignant . She is talking to Nicole Wallace about him.

So Lindsey is making the same argument that was made against

native americans when families and kids were massacred because one day they could be warriors. Graham said kids at the border should not be let in because one day they could become terrorists. Unbelievable !

so Rachel is showing the videos about the pipe bomber

My wife immediatly says, its a woman. The gait maybe ? She just thinks that person is a female.
Maybe its Lauren Boebert 😆😆. I wish it was her or marjorie taylor greene. We could finally get them out of congress and directly into jail.

after we pass HR1 what is the enforcing mechanism ?

I am thinking positively. Somehow we pass HR1 ( we remove fillibuster or pause it for civil rights legislation) , how is it enforced in practice ?

What if red states just ignore it and keep ploughing along putting all sorts of restrictions in place ? You cant really throw a state in jail. So, how does this work ?

With responsibilities come pragmatism

I have been fascinated observing how much Senator Sanders approach has changed. He was asked to chair the powerful budget commitee and so far it has been highly effective.

He is working with leader Schumer and president Biden rather effectively. Known as a firebrand progressive he actually realized he had a golden opportunity to do more than just loudly point out issues. He can act on it. He completely morphed from rhetoric to strategic thinking. As an example, he was not happy that the minimum wage legislation got stripped from the bill but yet said he would vote for the whole bill anyway because it does so much good in other areas.

The Bernie of old would have bucked and voted against it.
I can only hope other strong progressives follow his lead and use this opportunity we have with one of the most experienced president, white house staff and congressional leaders we ever had to push transformative, progressive legislation forward.

We may yet prove to the american people government works when it works for the people.

I am suddenly horrified

thinking about what would have happened if we had not retaken the senate. This massive recovery bill which is going to lift many people out of poverty, end COVID , extend UI benefits, provide financial stimulus, help cities and states, shore up the ACA and much more would never have seen the light of day. Republicans like Ron Johnson would still be pushing bogus investigations and peddling disinformation via their commÓtees, none of Joe Biden's nominees would have been appointed, etc.. etc..

We really dodged a bullet on that and should thank Georgians and especially african american Georgians for saving us.
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