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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,913

Journal Archives

I found a way to release my energy when watching.

Instead of yelling at the TV every time Pence lies, I am pacing in the room and getting my step count in.

Hilarious. Page is even less in control than Wallace.

Sure there is no outrageous behavior like Trump did but she is unable to steer anybody towards answering questions.

idiot. Melber is trying to pit Liz Warren against Joe and Kamala

by playing clips from the primary. Needless to say she did not take the bait and turned it around on a criticism of Trump and unity behind Biden.

Its an open question whether or not Trump leaves WR today.

I am thinking he is not. They cancelled the press conference after having driven the pool to WR. There are reports Don Jr. thinks his father is acting erratically and needs an intervention ( as an aside, I wonder how he can tell when Trump Sr acts erratically ),Mc Enamy testing positive and we may have Barr as well. Its all falling apart.

its clear trump is in bad shape.

if he was not, they would show videos and pictures of him working from Walter Reed. He would be tweeting bragging how its no big deal and commenting on fox news coverage.

so that update from the white house dr was as expected.

no useful information . Drs in the background who acted as poted plants even thought they are probably more competent than the white house dr.
Evasive answers about whether or not Trump had been on oxygen tripping over when the diagnostic was given.

even the fucking white house dr is not wearing a mask

unlike all the walter reed dr. He should not have to remove his mask to speak. Biden gave a speech masked.

the positive outcome in that massive COVID spread at white house

may be that more trumpers will take that virus seriously and start wearing masks. They have been told for months it was like the flu or even an hoax. Now that their cult leader and entourage have it they may see it . I am not holding high hopes.

come on people, we are not Qanon .

Why are some posting conspiracies theories as if we were them ? Use common sense. Trump has COVID.
Think for a second how many people it would involve to fake that especially when this administration has been known to leak like a sieve.

If Barrett had any integrity she would announce that she withdraws.

its a gigantic mess. Very likely the spread happened at her comfirmation ceremony. Senators cant meet with her in the middle of a pandemic . Several tested positive already. She should spare them that and just bow down.
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