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Profile Information

Name: Carl
Gender: Male
Hometown: Tennessee
Home country: USA
Current location: SE
Member since: Sat May 31, 2014, 08:26 PM
Number of posts: 493

About Me

Retired military, retired DOD, volunteer companion and patient advocate for male Hospice patients.

Journal Archives

I don't remember if I saw it here or elsewhere. Anyone know where I can find it?

It was a photo of a Capital Policeman with his gun drawn and pointed with a member of congress cowering behind him with one hand up and looking like he is terrified. He is also a congressman who now claims it was just peaceful visitors during the Jan 6th assault. I don't remember his name either. I meant to go back to it but got busy for a couple of days and then couldn't find it.

I could not believe many of the comments I received earlier today about General Flynn.

So I sent the following letter to the current, Joint Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley.

I am a retired 20 year active duty military veteran who also served another 21 years in Civil Service Acquisitioning of the latest military weapon systems and support equipment, traveling all over the world to introduce field personnel to the latest hardware and software. I have also served as a a witness in the court martial of a Technical Sargent under my supervision for simply not returning his wife' phone calls, for which charges were fortunately dropped.
For as long as I can remember, the military has routinely recalled retired personnel for court martial for various actions they took while on active duty. In most cases, it is enlisted men and rarely an officer.
General Michael Flynn committed treason while on active duty and again since his retirement. I fail to see why he is not recalled and court martialed as an enlisted man would be.
Very Respectfully yours.

I fail to understand why General Michael Thomas Flynn has not been recalled to active duty and

court martialed for treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does anyone have an answer or suggestion as to why not?
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